Let’s Get This Party Started! 5 Tips For Throwing An Awesome Event Every Time!

Whether you are throwing a birthday get together, a baby shower, or a moving in celebration, you will want your party to go with a bang. Of course, that means putting some time and effort into organizing and preparing for it. A topic you can get some detailed advice on in my post below.

Set the date and send invitations

Guess what? If you don’t actually invite people to your party, they won’t come! I know that sounds like a pretty obvious statement, but you would be surprised at how many people put all that work into organizing a shindig, only to forget to let everyone know about it ahead of time. Of course, what that means is that all the folks you wanted there can’t come and it isn’t as much fun!

To that end, choosing a date for your celebration and getting the invites out whether that is on paper or by email at least 2 months before is the wisest solution. You’ll want to make sure that the invitations are RSVP too, so then you will know how many people you need to cater for.

Choose a theme

Once you have set your date, it’s time to consider choosing a theme your party. After all, providing a theme that everyone can get behind can really help your gathering be a great success. The reason being that a theme can help break the ice between people that don’t know each other, and also provide added interest and excitement as well.

Of course, for some celebrations, the theme is relatively prominent like a baby shower, although you do get to decide what colors you will use. However, for other types of part like get-togethers like housewarmings and dinner parties for adults, you can choose just about any theme you like.

In particular, theme your event around a popular film or TV show can work well. A great example of this being the hugely popular Game of Thrones (GOT)! In fact, you will find all sorts of (GOT) themed merchandise suitable for use at a party including shot glasses, wine glasses, and also an unofficial cookbook that uses recipes from the show! You can even get a bottle of Game of Thrones wine in red and white now! Something that you can serve your guest in goblet like these to get a truly authentic feel.

You can really go all out if you like and ask guests to dress up as their favorite characters as well, and you can even show episodes on the TV on mute while the party is going on if you like.

Remember too that all of these ideas can be transferred easily across to any favorite TV show or franchise you like such as Harry Potter, Dr Who, Marvel or Star Wars to name but a few.

Prepare the space

Once it comes time for the party, it’s always a good idea to prepare the space that you plan on having it in. Most people think this just means decorating, but it’s also wise to move furniture to give you as much space as possible.

Don’t forget that you will also need to clear away any valuable and delicate items that you own too. Especially if you suspect the party may get a little rowdy!


When it comes to food, the best sort is the stuff you don’t have to make yourself. Of course, this is usually the most expensive sort as well, so a good compromise is to spend the day before creating the eats.

To do this, you will need to make sure that you pick dishes like these that can be prepared in advance and either served cold or heated up when the part is in full swing. Then you can minimize the amount of time in our kitchen and maximize the fun you can have at the celebration even though you are hosting it.


Finally, what is a party without a few drinks? Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should feel obliged to serve alcohol if you don’t want. In fact, there are some absolutely delicious alcohol-free tipples like the ones here that you can quickly whip up to refresh, guests.

Although, if you do wish to serve harder drinks, wine, and beer are always good things to have on the menu. You may even want to create a signature cocktail for the event you are holding. Something that you can get some advice on doing from the video below and that will definitely get your party started!

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