How I Learned I Needed To Practice Self Care and Ways That I Do It

There seems to be focus amongst millennial black men and women on the practice of self care. I must admit that this is area that in the past, I frequently struggled with. I didn’t make enough time for myself, I wouldn’t take care of things that I needed to take care, or worse…I would just avoid certain situations in general. Now being in my 30’s, I look back on a lot of the mistakes that I made in my 20’s as hard lessons learned and use them to become an even bigger, better, and BADDER Keena Renee!


One thing about self care is that you practice it in whatever way you chose that fits YOUR lifestyle. For me its more subtle things. I’m introvert so the weekly hustle & bustle and being around people the majority of the week can be absolutely draining for me. I try to set aside one day out of the week where I’m just at home doing nothing. When I say nothing I do mean nothing…like I’m on complete bum status lol. Sometimes I may take that time to binge on Netflix, cook, exercise, or clean my house.

I also make it a point to stay off my phone and away from social media. The majority of what I do involves social media and the notifications ALONE is enough to make me want pull my hair out. I actually have my phone on scheduled “Do Not Disturb” times so that I am not bothered by any text messages, phone calls, or social notifications. If you do not have feature set up on your phone then I HIGHLY recommend it!

Another way of decompressing is by reading. I love to study and research new things so if I’m not reading a book, I will just Google different topics and read articles. This not only helps me decompress, it also keeps my creative mind sharp. In addition to reading, MUSIC will always have and always will be a source of inspiration to me. Music is so powerful & certain artist (such as my fave Michael Jackson) and their music have a mood-changing factor that just motivates me to want to continue to do better.


With everything going on in the world topped with your own personal stresses, self-care is absolutely necessary. I encourage all my readers to be unapologetic about taking time out for you and putting YOURSELF and your needs above anyone else. Self-care for me is a priority as I have pushed myself to the point of over-exhausting myself by not being able to say NO and trying to help everyone else when my own cup wasn’t full. Never again!

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