LA Heaven: Don’t Miss Out Visiting The City Of Angels

Los Angeles, home of the rich and the famous. A star-studded city with more shops, experiences, and activities than you’ll be able to explore and do in your lifetime. You could spend years in LA and still not see everything it has to offer. Don’t forget, LA has everything from gorgeous beaches to Tinseltown so here are some of the best experiences you don’t want to miss out on.

Visit Hollywood

Yes, you should definitely explore Hollywood while you’re in LA. Here you’ll find everything from the homes of the rich to studio lot tours. It’s definitely worth the trip, and if you want our advice, you’ll also make sure that you get a VIP guided tour. This will take you behind the scenes and on occasion allow you to be a part of a live studio audience. Don’t forget, this is where a lot of sitcoms are filmed including popular hits like The Big Bang Theory.

Fun Fact: People have soared to fame by dropping screenplays outside the doors of top executive offices. This won’t work everyone, but if you have a little something you’ve been working on, maybe it’s worth a shot.

See A Sports Game

If you’re traveling from an international location, you should definitely spend some time at an American sports game. Our pick would be America’s favorite pastime, Baseball. You can find cheap Dodgers tickets if you shop online and get some great seats. Remember, it’s not just about watching those home runs. It’s a community experience, and you’ll definitely get caught up in the euphoric atmosphere. Who knows, you might even get to witness a perfect game.

Ride The Rides

Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland – the original dream, are both here. You definitely don’t want to miss them if you have kids. Of course, they are are also great fun for big kids too. While expensive, these theme parks are definitely worth a couple of your days. They have some truly fantastic rides and experiences. Harry Potter World can be found in Universal while Disney has Guardians of the Galaxy! It’s up to you which one you want to explore, but the kids certainly won’t be bored here. Though, fast passes for attractions are definitely recommended.

Hit The Beaches

There are plenty of great beaches in LA but the best? That’s probably Zuma Beach. A clear wide stretch of sand, this is a brilliant choice for those who just want to kick back, relax and enjoy the sun. But there are also work out beaches with a full outside gym. If you want to try and shoot hoops with the pros out in the sun, LA is definitely the place to give it a go.

Shop Til You Drop

Finally, it’s impossible to make the trip to LA and not do a little shopping. You’ll find plenty of great malls and shops here many of which are frequented by the celebs. Don’t be surprised if you see a few of them wandering, but do avoid making a scene. It’s best to just stay chill and admire them from afar, even if you are their number one fan.

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