Keeping Your Senses Sharp

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As we age, the quality of our five main senses starts to diminish. For some people, the effects start much younger than for others, but there are things you can do to help keep them at their best so that you can fully enjoy the whole experience of life from smelling those beautiful flowers to tasting new cuisines wherever you go…

Sense Of Smell

There will always be times when we wish our sense of smell was not so good, but generally, that is not the case. It seems that ‘scent therapy’ will help to engage the receptors in your nose and will assist with improving a sense of smell that has already started to wane.

Smelling powerful scents on a daily basis, such as ground up coffee beans or dried basil leaves, is how to make this work.

Sense Of Hearing

You can help to improve your hearing by listening to music, especially jazz or electronic dance music. It seems that our brains are tuned in to respond to the sounds of these and will sharpen your listening power.

This is not enough for some people though. Some have a problem that is not age-related and then they may need the help of cochlear implants, which are an innovation that takes away the need for traditional hearing aids. There’s no shame in getting some extra help when you need it.

Sense Of Sight

Research has shown that eye exercises can delay the onset of needing spectacles, as they will improve your vision. You just need to roll your eye a few times each day. Warming them by rubbing your palms together and placing them on your eyes for just five seconds helps too. Hold a pen at arm’s length and focus on it. Then bring it toward your face, keeping it in focus the whole time.

Do these exercises every day for a month and you will see an improvement in your eyesight.

Sense Of Taste

The best way to improve your sense of taste is to add new flavors to your diet. Stimulate your tasted buds with spices and recipes that you do not normally eat. Try to stay clear of processed foods as the chemicals and preservatives in these can have a bad effect on your sense of taste.

Senses Of Touch

Our sense of touch is the one that we probably give less thought to but it is just as important as all the others. To keep your sense of touch alert be mindful of the fabrics and textures you come in contact with. Enjoy the feeling of running your hand across a piece of silk, for instance, or think about how it feels to have someone scratch you back when you have an itch.

Life Without Senses

Most people take their senses for granted, but just for a few moments imagine what your life would be like without any one of them. Of course, there are people who are born with no sight or hearing, just as examples, and there are ways the medical profession can help them.

You have all five of yours at the moment though, so how would it be if you lost your sense of touch – you would not know if you had burned yourself. Imagine never seeing the faces of your family again or hearing their laughter.

Don’t just assume your senses will always be there as they might not be if you do not take care of them.


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