Kanye, Pusha Tea, Kim K and Drake’s Abandonment Baby Got Me All the Way F’d Up!

So where should I begin? A lot has taken place over the last week or so in the world of hip hop and entertainment news. I’ve been providing my usual commentary on social media as things develop but let me give ya’ll a deeper insight to some of the madness that’s been taking over everyone’s time lines…

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Kim Kardashian X Rhymefest Beef

For those that follow me on Twitter, you probably saw my tweets regarding Kim K’s tweets about Donda’s House. I’ve been a friend and supporter of the organization since they began in 2013. We’ve worked together on numerous occasions and have seen first hand the impact that their work has on the youth here in Chicago. So to say that this “beef” hit me close to home is a bit of an understatement. I was cool with Kim “defending her man” as she calls it because I know that petty little jabs don’t mean a thing to Che. It wasn’t until I saw THIS tweet that set me off


Who you talking to like that first of all? This tweet has the stench of white privilege all over it. You don’t sign that mans checks nor do you have the authority “take” something from him. This tweet REALLY set me off because I already thought Kim was a selfish entitled BRAT and this tweet just proved me correct.

The level of disrespect that Kim continues to show those in the black community that she so often appropriates is UN-REAL. Why we…no…why  keep giving her a pass, i don’t know. All I know is that she owes Rhymefest, his wife Donnie, and the youth of Chicago an apology and the fact that they probably wont get one shows just the type of person she is.

Pusha Tea X Drake Beef

Let me start by saying that I am truly disappointed in anyone that honestly felt like Drake stood a chance in this rap beef with Pusha T. You guys honestly can’t believe that Drake is a better rapper than Pusha! Does he make better records, YES. But when it comes to rappity rap rap, ain’t no way.

The Story of Adidon is a rap diss track at its finest. You are SUPPOSED to bring up dirt on your opponent in a rap battle. Pusha did exactly what he was supposed to do with not a single care in the world! Though I don’t think this is going to be career ending for Drake (he’s way to big of a star for that), this definitely is just a scratch on the surface for what I believe is a set up for an even BIGGER upset.

AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE BABY!?!? Drake, knowing damn well he has a whole ass son somewhere, definitely should have thought about that before getting into a rap battle. Regarding the black face photos, Aubrey’s soft ass had this to say…

From a PR perspective, I totally understand why he released a statement about the photos. Those photos have the potential to be extremely damaging to his brand and that’s a serious matter. Him responding to the pics in the form of a diss track would have made him look like he was making light of the situation. HOWEVER…i’m definitely looking forward to his response.

Man its been an interesting week hasn’t it? Tomorrow, Kanye is set to release an album that we frankly know nothing about. I wonder if he’s going to disrespect more of our ancestors with his album cover?

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