What I’ve learned from Remy Ma’s beef with Nicki Minaj

I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to blog about this. Remy Ma went absolutely ham on ShETHER and being the fan of hip hop that I am, I was thoroughly entertained by it. I respect Nicki Minaj as an emcee and an artist. Do I believe she is the Queen of Hip Hop…definitely not. Maybe the queen of Hip Hop for right now, but certainly not the QUEEN queen. Now I don’t know about ya’ll, but this “beef” has surely taught me some things about Ms. Minaj…here’s a few things that stand out to me.

She’s the queen of Petty

Nicki Minaj truly is a petty wap. This is probably something that her Barbs know pretty well…but I didn’t know Nicki was THAT petty! If you’re a rapper & you’re first instinct is to go on social media and throw shade after a fellow emcee lyrically assassinates you…you’re petty.

She dislikes confrontation

Clearly, Nicki likes to avoid confrontation. Following the aftermath of ShETHER, Nicki was hitting up anyone mentioned in the song EXCEPT the person responsible. Even as to go so far as to reach out to radio personalities and dj’s privately that publicly supported the diss and call them out on it. Nicki, sis…why can’t you contact Remy and sort this thang out?

She believes she’s BIGGER than rap

When you’re challenged to battle in hip hop I feel like its an unspoken rule that you HAVE to respond, that’s if you value your status as a true emcee. Nicki being reluctant to respond to Remy on wax tells me that she believes that she’s bigger rap and to quite honest…I believe she is too. She clearly resides in the pop star stratosphere and I highly doubt her Barbs are hardcore hip hop heads. HOWEVER, I feel like as an emcee that she so frequently reminds us that she is, she should want to solidify her status as the “Queen of Hip Hop”. Instead, Nicki chose to highlight her record sales and brag about her Beyoncé co-sign all of which have absolutely nothing to do with and hold no weight whatsoever in the world of battle rap.

Simply put, we’ve been Taylor Swift’d by Ms. Minaj ya’ll. Instead of being hip hop’s darling, Nicki is too busy trying to be pop royalty. As we continue to wait to see if she will respond to Remy’s now 2 diss records against her on wax…I think its time we start celebrating a NEW “Queen of Hip Hop”.

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