It’s Fall! Here’s Some Fun Fashion To Get Into

It seems that men’s and women’s clothes are now being showcased together and that there are many unisex items among the latest trends. This will make it easier to borrow from brothers and sisters, or friends and partners.  

Now that Fall is here, the trends have all been shown to the fashion world, and there are some really good ideas for everyone.

Clothes To Protect You

Outdoor protection from the weather has become more like camouflage, a trend that has been seen for some time. These garments can be worn by any gender and will keep you warm, dry and look good. Team them with a pair of sturdy boots to finish the look off.

Weatherproof with a hood seems to be the most popular, and that makes sense if you are buying one of these to protect you from the weather, as well as make a fashion statement.


Scarves can be worn by anyone, no matter what age or gender they may be. They come in so many different materials and colors, and there will always be some to suit the time of year.

There were many of them on the catwalks this year, mostly in vibrant bright colors, and worn with many different types of garments. Scarves are flexible and handy if you want to give your outfit a different look.

They can be worn In so many different ways as well. They do not have to be on your head or around your neck. You can wear a scarf on your wrist or around your waist, for instance.


The focus on footwear this year has been on comfort. This is never a bad thing when you consider that you may have to walk in snow and ice, and all the other wet and cold weathers.

Although the main thing was boots that can be worn with absolutely anything, there was also some attention given to what you wear beneath them. Your fashion boots may look brilliant, but you want your feet to be warm as well.  It seems the favorite option is socks, as many women find things such as tights too uncomfortable.

You can have some fun with socks. There are photo socks, for example, which can have your or anyone else’s photo printed on them, there are boldly striped socks, socks with tassels and socks sparkles if that is what you desire. The whole point is, you will easily find whatever socks you want to keep your feet warm.


Berets, fedoras and beanies have all been the height of fashion at some point. This year it is the turn of the balaclava. They are no longer the knitted things that used to be worn by young boys in the 40’s and 50’s. Now they are made with style, from all sorts and materials, and they are made for both men and women.

More designers are veering towards clothes that are more wearable by everyone and not just by the models that show them off. It has finally dawned on them that it consumers that will buy their clothes, so they need to make them suitable for everyone, not just perfect figures.

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