#IssaReunion: Here’s Some Of B2K’s Top Moments in Music

A B2K Reunion Tour Is FINALLY Happening!

If you were in high school in the early 2000’s then B2K probably covered your bedroom walls like they did mine. (seriously – it was pretty bad too)

Omarion, Raz B, J Boog and Lil Fizz burst onto the music scene in summer of 2001 with their infectious jam “Uh Huh” that had young impressionable teen girls like myself hypnotized

Their self-titled debut album was released in March that following year (my boyfriend at the time actually bought it for me and he wasn’t to happy about it lol) and it peaked at #1 on Billboards Hip Hop/R&B Charts and has sold over 500,000 copies to date. That may not seem like a big deal now but for a brand new boy band, that’s pretty impressive.

If you know me, you know that I was absolutely obsessed with B2K. J-Boog was my husband and you couldn’t tell me anything different. The Scream Tour was my first concert I attended and the Beatle-like mania that surrounded that tour was absolutely insane.

Fast forward to December of 2003. Me and my cousin took a greyhound to Washington D.C to see B2K live in concert (because we were obsessed – duh) and the energy was completely off. They were visibly arguing on stage and it felt like something was wrong. On the way back home (757 VA baby!), we hear on the radio that B2K has officially broken up. When I tell you that me and my cousin were HURT

We couldn’t comprehend that the boys we were madly in love with decided to break up and our whirlwind romance was over. done. finished. cancelled! When you are 17 years old, that’s the worse kind of heartbreak you can have.

When Omarion announced today that B2K will be reuniting in 2019 for the Millennium Tour, I could not believe what I was reading.

Fans have been asking for YEARS for a B2K reunion! Like…FOR YEARS. Money woes, Omarion’s solo success, and Raz B crazy, worrisome ass prevented that from happening. Damn near 20 years later…that moment has finally come. People sleep, but the boys of the new millennium had 2001-2002 ON LOCK! They definitely lived up to their name and solidified their position in urban boy band history. Here are a few memorable moments..

The 2003 BET Awards

B2K (along with 50 Cent) were the big winners of the 2003 BET Awards and they put on one HELL of a performance that night. They took home awards for Best Group and the Viewer’s Choice for Bump, Bump, Bump.

B2K and 106 & Park

So many memorable moments and performances on this show alone!

B2K and the Scream Tour

B2K knows who runs the show during the Scream 2 tour at NYC’s Madison Square Garden.

Though the Scream Tour was originally Lil Bow Wow’s tour, B2K eventually became the headliners and the most recognizable act associated with that tour.

B2K and the Pandemonium Release

Looking back, the release for this album was brilliant! In addition to the group cover album, they had a cover for every member of the group. Girls were buying these every single cover..that’s 5 cds per person. What a way to sell some records.

I am so glad that these guys finally decided to listen to us fans and give us the reunion tour that we have been patiently waiting for. Tour dates are to be announced for the 2019 Millennium Tour on December 31 via G Squared Events.

Who wants to pull up to the tour with me and what we wearing?

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