IssaDiscussion: The Walking Dead

For those that know me, they know I am a faithful and avid watcher of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Up until this point I have pretty satisfied with the way the show has been progressing. The balance between the character development and action episodes has kept the show interesting enough to be the top series on cable television at moment. HOWEVER, I don’t know if its just me…but I’m starting to get real impatient with this season!


Last night’s episode bout did me in ya’ll…

They have been dragging this season on for dear life and I can’t take it anymore. There are SO many storylines going on that I forget some characters are still on the show sometimes. And WHAT ABOUT LITTLE ASS KICKER?!? Last night’s episode FINALLY showed Morgan growing some balls as he decided that killing Richard (from the Kingdom) was the right thing to do since he got Duane, I mean, Benjamin killed. Not only did he kill Richard, he spilled all the tea from Alexandria to Carol, who is another character that is starting to get on my nerves.

I understand that the writers are trying to create as much of a build up for the fall of Negan and the Saviors as they possibly can, BUT there are only 3 episodes left in season 7 and I am going to be SUPER SALTY if they drag this thang out to season 8. Negan and his crew (as well of some of Rick’s crew to keep it all the way funky) NEED TO GO. The last thing that fans of the Walking Dead want to deal with is a major cliffhanger going into season 8. My patience is running thin and my nerves are bad. I’m still salty that they practically got a bounty over my bae’s (Daryl) head. AND WHY IS FATHER GABRIEL STILL ALIVE!!!

So many questions with no answers. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and can possibly provide some insight for me, Please tweet me or hit me on Facebook. Thankfully The Get Down is coming back to Netflix next month so that will help calm my nerves after TWD’s season finale!

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