Is a Career in HR Right for You?

When it comes to searching for a career, we often look at things that we’re good at or feel passionately about, or dreams that we had as children. Sometimes, this takes us down an obvious path. But, not always.

Sometimes the things that you are good at don’t offer you a way to make money, or, you might not have the skills needed to make money doing the things that you love. Many of us instead have to think about our abilities and character traits in a little more detail. We have to think about careers that could be right for us, that might not be as obvious.

A career in HR appeals to many. While it might not always be glamorous or an obvious way to make a difference to the world, it can be a noble and rewarding career path. Working as a human relations professional, as Yvonne Yancy does, can give you the chance to reach your full potential.

You’ll spend your days helping others, ensuring fairness in the workplace, influencing those around you, solving problems, helping other people grow and you could earn an above average salary and have great staying power in your company. But, it’s tough, and a career in HR certainly isn’t for everyone. You should consider a career in HR if you have the following skills and characteristics.

You’re a People Person

If there is one characteristic that you need to work in HR, it’s that you are good with people. You need to enjoy being around people, talking to them, listening to their problems and helping them.

You need to be the kind of person that can get on with anyone, that happily makes time for others and that enjoys spending time with people. Above all else, your job is to help other members of staff to become the best employees that they can. You certainly can’t do this if you don’t like people.

You’re a Problem Solver

When you work in HR every day is different. You are constantly approached with other people’s problems, and it’s your job to find solutions that deal with the situation while keeping everyone happy.

You need to be the kind of person that enjoys solving problems and is naturally gifted at coming up with solutions, even when they don’t clearly present themselves.

You Know How to Keep a Secret

Working in HR means that you will hear everything. The problems that you deal with could include employees health issues, sexual discrimination, gender bias, family issues, money problems and more.

You’ll need to be able to keep all of these issues separate and deal with them without spilling to a soul. If you are someone your friends confide in, you might be able to take that skill into the workplace.

You Enjoy Research

When you are confronted with so many problems, you’ll sometimes need to make important decisions. These decisions can affect the business, other people’s lives and your career. To do this well, you’ll need to research, have a good understanding of the law, and be able to sort through information to find what’s relevant.

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