Instagram Announces Algorithm Changes; Could Chronological Order Be Coming Back?

When Instagram announced that it was making some changes to their algorithm, users rejoiced as it seems that it FINALLY got through their head that users preferred the chronological feed over whatever IG got going on right now.

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(In My Killmonger Voice) Is this your algorithm?!?!?!?

This button that they speak of hasn’t appeared on my feed (hit me up on IG if it has showed up for you!) but I remember absolutely nobody complaining about this. The only complaint that needed to be addressed was the fact that posts that were as much as a week old were popping up from accounts that I actually care about. This issue seems to have been addressed with this update, however the million dollar question I have is…WHY TF WERE WE SEEING WEEK OLD POST IN OUR FEEDS TO BEGIN WITH INSTAGRAM??!?! What part of the algorithm game is that?

So what does this all mean? Does this mean we could be seeing the return of the beloved chronological feed on Instagram?

Hell to the nah…to the nah, nah, nah! 

Though we aren’t EXACTLY getting the chronological feed back, we are going back to a time where when you post actually matters as your followers have a better chance of seeing it in real time now. Should you still turn on post notifications on accounts you care about? Go ahead. That will ensure that their content continues to be a priority on your feed.

Have you noticed the changes on your Instagram feed yet? What are your thoughts on these changes? Head to my Instagram and let me know!




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