#IgnoreYe It’s Time That We All Paid Kanye Omari West and His Hat Dust

If you’ve been living under rock, self-proclaimed genius Kanye West has been trolling “the culture” ever since he met with 45 at his hotel. Most recently, he appeared on Saturday Night Live where he performed three cuts, including his current single “I Love It” with Lil’ Pump

*side note* I still can’t look at this performance and not laugh hysterically. Lil Pump look mad as hell in that FUJI suit lol.

Twitter users were understandably confused by Wests’ outfit choice. Things got even more weird when he decided to go on a full on hissy fit at the end of show because he claimed he was bullied about “the hat”.

Now that you all have some backstory…let me speak my piece as to why I’m writing this blog post. So…when I googled ” kanye west tmz”, here’s what came up…

A bunch of articles of Kanye not talking about a damn thing and just saying outlandish and foolish shit just to say it. 

My theory is even though Kanye isn’t book smart and is a horrible communicator…he’s smart enough to know what will grab his audiences attention. He knows exactly what to say that will please those who are in the position to keep cutting him checks (aka the whites) while keeping those, who frankly have little or no importance to him, interested and entertained enough to support him (aka the culture)

Honestly, this is problematic AF. I find it insulting that Kanye thinks he can continue to support and defend a racist at every opportunity he gets and that we the culture are supposed to just let it rock because he “makes fly shit”. Narcissism is something else ain’t it?

But Keena, Kanye is a musical genius and has major influence on our culture


Kanye ain’t no where near what he was musically. He has rapped about anything meaningful since My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy. We know what Kanye is capable of and these last wave of albums were subpar in comparison. Kanye says he didn’t finish Yandhi and that he’s going back to Africa to complete it.

Well Poopity scoop..scoopity poop, Omari!

He came back to Chicago to work on music and look what that turned into…ANOTHER 45 PDA FEST.

Listen ya’ll, I honestly don’t have the time or patience to deal with this ill-equipped, MAGA hat head ass negro any longer. There was a time when you couldn’t tell me nothing about Kanye. I would buy his albums without even having to listen to single song from it because I knew it was going to be great. Kanye West at 2018 is a shell of his former self. Never did I think that I would be able to say “Kanye West doesn’t care about black people”

I’m ignoring Kanye from this moment forward. Not because I don’t have love for Kanye, because I do…but because ignoring him is the only way I feel we can show him that what he’s doing is going to leave him on the wrong side of history.

Kinda like when your child is having a full blown temper tantrum and you ignore them and suddenly the fake tears go away? Yeah…that’s how we gon’ have to do Ye

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