ICYMI: @ChanceTheRapper Endorses Amara Eniya (@AmaraEnyia) for Chicago Mayor

Today, Chicago’s “Voice of the People” held a press conference at City Hall this morning to formally endorse mayoral candidate Amara Eniya as Chicago’s next Mayor. Take a look a the video from the press conference below

This race for Mayor in Chicago has been pretty intense. With Rahm Emanuel officially not running for re-election, it left the spot wide open for someone to come out as a front runner. Chance’s involvement in this election will definitely get the young people to the polls and his endorsement will give Amara a better chance (pun intended lol) at winning the race.

If you’re in Chicago and interested in getting involved in community organizing and learning more about the mayoral candidates, consider joining Project M.A.R.C.H, a grassroots organization that organizes around the issues that affects urban millennial’s.

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