How To Take That Last Minute Summer Vacay!

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Summer is creeping to a close in a lot of countries. Well, their official summer is anyway, and if you like some serious heat, then you need to start thinking about some last minute summer travel plans. Now is the best time of year to go, as everywhere is up and open for business, and full of life. You might think that organizing a holiday in such short notice is going to be stressful, but there are ways of making it easier.

If you think that you’re going to struggle for money, there are ways of making that easier too! There’s nothing more exciting than being able to book a holiday, and know you’re going in a couple of weeks time, rather than a month. It might all be a rush, but it’s so exciting! So, if you’re looking to make some last minute travel plans, let us see if we can help you with the process.

Figure Out Your Last Minute Destination

Your destination is going to play a big part in the enjoyment that you get out of your holiday. But, your destination all depends on what type of holiday you’re looking for, your budget, and what types of things that you’re into doing whilst you’re away. If you want sun, a beach, and lots of things to do, all wrapped up into one cheap package, then you need to go for something like the Canary islands, or mainland Spain.

Countries that are mainly tourist populated, and in Europe, are the ones that you can expect to spend the least in. Or, if budget really isn’t an issue, then go somewhere exotic! Just because you’re trying to plan something last minute here, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to countries that are a bit closer to home. Think of countries such as Bali, Thailand, Australia, China etc. They’re all amazing destinations with so much to offer, and they won’t be as expensive as you first would have thought.

The only thing we will warn you about with these exotic locations is the weather. If you were to go somewhere like Thailand, it is their rainy season. But, if you were to go somewhere like Bali, they’re in the middle of their dry season until the end of September, so you won’t have to deal with much rain at all.

Sort Out Your Last Minute Money

If you’re trying to book a last minute holiday, then we know that money is going to be one of the biggest stresses. Unless you get paid weekly, your only option is to dig into savings that you hopefully have. If not, then you potentially have one payday to afford this holiday! However, we know that there are so many cheap vacation ideas under $1,000 that you’re going to love.

All you need to do is pick a holiday that suits you, and figure out a way of keeping all of the other costs involved down. So, the obvious thing to do is to make sure that you go all inclusive. You won’t have to eat or drink out, and it cuts the costs of a holiday dramatically down. All you will then need to purchase is day trips, or perhaps the odd drink outside of the hotel! A holiday really doesn’t have to be expensive if you don’t want it to be!

Keeping Calm And Pack On

So, if you haven’t been on vacation in a year or more, the chances are that your wardrobe situation is not going to be right for you anymore. So, the clothes you have to buy, and what you have to pack, all depends on how long, and where you’re going for. So, if you’re going to a hot country for a week, you’ll only really need a cover up or two, perhaps three casual day outfits, and an outfit for every night.

You really don’t need to pack much for the day, and you don’t need to spend a lot. Most of the time you’ll be in bikinis during the day! Focus on packing essentials such as pain killers, plaster, sunscreen, bug spray, and anything else that you might need to keep you in good health.

Dealing With Any Last Minute Problems

Hopefully you won’t have many last minute problems to deal with. If you do, you just need to take them on the chin, and work through them. The thing that people struggle to do is get jabs within the right time frame if they’re going to a country that requires it, or trying to sort out money if it wasn’t figured out right in the first place. As long as everything is squared away and you’re ready for your holiday a week before you fly, you should be fine!

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