How to Save Money On Your Takeout!

While it’s a part of life to look after yourself, and make sure you eat well, by the time the weekend rolls around you need to have something that feels a little bit naughty. Usually, we tend to rely on takeouts, but the big problem is that they are very expensive. But is there any way for us to have our (metaphorical) cake and eat it too without spending above and beyond?

Make A Takeout Meal Yourself!

Yes, it doesn’t sound very appealing, but if you are trying to be a bit healthier, there are many variations of takeout staples that you can very easily do at home. Stir-fries are a very good example of a Chinese meal but without all of the unhealthy ingredients like MSG. You can do yourself a Hunan chicken stir-fry, and if you are wondering what is Hunan chicken, you can have a look here and get some inspiration. The great thing about the vast majority of Chinese meals is that they are healthy, and not so difficult to make. Another additional benefit is that they actually taste unhealthy, which can give you that sensation of being naughty at the weekend!

Buy Takeouts In Bulk

The big problem with takeaways is that they are naturally very expensive. But of course, you are paying for the fact that you don’t have to make them yourself. One of the best ways to bypass this is to purchase takeaways in bulk and make it go further. Many proprietors tend to reward larger orders with a discount or free delivery. So, if you tend to order more than you would like, think about how long they will go the next day, or even the day after! If you’ve never had the pleasure of cold pizza for breakfast, maybe it’s time!

Hit The Supermarket

As so many supermarket chains do a takeaway style ready meal, this is the perfect balance of satisfying your craving while also saving some money. They are always convenient, and also, a lot less hassle. Put them in the microwave, and they are ready in less than five minutes! Can your local delivery service beat that?

Look For Offers

With the abundance of takeouts around, they will always try to be competitive. If you get flyers through your letterbox, it’s always worth having a quick look to see if there are any good offers available. And, while there is an offer that makes it look appealing, be sure to do your math before placing the order. Sometimes the special offer doesn’t work out cheaper.

When you are placing orders for takeout, it feels like a little treat. And we can certainly get into the habit of it every so often but we tend to see the impact on our bank balance. And while it’s time to stay in and cuddle up, a takeaway can be part of that. But remember, it can be cheaper to go out! By all means, you deserve a lovely takeout, especially after a difficult week, but make it a treat, rather than a regular thing. 

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