How To Make Sure You Win Life

We all want to be on top of life, but as the old dude in the Big Lebowski says, “sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you.” Or in other words, there are times when we can feel pretty sure that we’re winning life, and others when it feels like we’re playing a completely different game! But what if there were some habits you could form that would increase your chances of you coming out on top? Well, perhaps there are. Below, we take a look at a few life approaches that’ll have you living your best life.

Beware the Traps

It’s possible that most people would be able to become the best version of themselves if it wasn’t for one pesky detail; there are always things waiting to trip us up and derail our progress. Take virtually all forms of entertainment and leisure! While harmless in small doses, if you’re spending too many hours mindlessly surfing the web or watching television, then how are you going to have the time to do anything else in life? Also, while we understand that a few drinks with friends can be enjoyable, if you’re doing it multiple times a week then you’ll lack the energy to make things happen!

Settle For Nothing

Most people are too quick to give up on their dreams. Because it’s slightly more hard work than they anticipated, they decide that instead of powering through when the going gets tough, they’ll just settle for a lesser version of what they hoped for. This is not winning! If you’re going to look back on your life and say that you gave it your all, then you can’t make too many concessions. You’re not settling for anything other than mediocrity!

Fight Your Corner

The thing about making your dreams come true is that not everyone’s going to be on your side. There are going to obstacles to your success. When they arrive, you have two choices: roll over, or fight your corner. If you’re overlooked for a promotion again and again, don’t assume you’re not good enough – look for another job. If you’re accused of a white-collar crime while you’re trying to build your business, recruit the services of, and defend your position. Life will throw some punches at you. Make sure you’re ready to punch back.

Go For Gold

So far as we know, you only get one life! So make it count. When plotting your future, it’s good practice to envision the best possible existence for yourself. If that’s unrealistic, move one rung down the ladder. It’s much better to be wildly ambitious than to think too small!

Be Bold, Stand Tall

Finally, remember that no-one wins life if they’re cowering in the corner. Stand tall, be bold, live with confidence. You’ll be amazed at how far just acting like you’ve already won life gets you in this world! As they say, act like you belong, and people will invariably believe it – including the most important person: you.


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