How To Know When It’s Time To Leave the Party Scene

Now, don’t get me wrong: partying isn’t all bad. Quite the opposite, in fact: it’s fun! However, it’d be wrong to think that everyone who heads out on a Friday or Saturday night is having a wholesome, enjoyable time.

There are people out there who have a complicated relationship with their social side. On the one hand, they love spending time with friends. On the other, there’s a fair amount of guilt and shame that hangs around the following day and week after.

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to leave the party scene, take a read below, and find out for sure.

Your Work Is Suffering

There’s a period of our lives when we can go out, get barely any sleep, and then still the freshest, most energetic person in the office. It’s called being twenty-one. By the time we’re entering our late twenties and thirties, it’s becoming increasingly clear that isn’t your reality anymore.

You’re more likely to feel the effects for multiple days, and if that happens often, then the quality of your work is going to decrease. You won’t miss the hangovers. You will regret not working your hardest and making good things happen.

Your Relationships Are Suffering

We all grow up at different times. Some people are finished with their partying days by the time they’re twenty-five. Some are still going strong at thirty-five.

There’s no right or wrong answer, but if your relationships are beginning to suffer because you’re still partying when your partner or friends have moved on, then it’ll be time to think about your actions.

You might have to make the call whether your love of the night is more important, or the ones closest to you are. You’ll make the right choice.

You Think You Might Have a Problem

Just because you’re leaving the “party scene,” that doesn’t mean you’re never going to party again. It’ll just be on a less frequent basis. For some people, however, this is difficult.

They want to stop drinking and partying, but when Friday rolls around, find that they’re not able to say no. If you’re concerned that you’re drinking too much alcohol and can’t seem to slow down, then look at getting treatment from an alcohol detox center.

There, you’ll get the tools you need to put that aspect of your life behind you, and begin looking to the future.

Your Other Goals Have Been Paused

Everyone knows that there’s more to life than going out. Indeed, speak with a stranger on a night out, and they’ll invariably tell you about their hopes and dreams for the future.

The problem is, all the time, money, and energy you’re spending on nights out means you have to pause your other dreams.

Unless you’re blessed with unlimited funds and energy, you might find that you need to curb your partying in order to focus on the bigger, more important things in life – such as making your future bright and prosperous.

Say goodbye to partying, and hello to a more exciting, diverse life!


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