How To Have A Social Life When Moving To A New City

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Moving to a new place can be an exciting time, but that initial excitement can soon fade into boredom, loneliness and frustration when you get there and realize you’re not meeting new people as quickly as you thought you would, and your dreams of getting invited to fun parties, events, and having later dinners with your new, glamorous friends haven’t quite come to pass.

The good news is, all of these things are absolutely possible for you, but the not so good news is that you’ll actually have to put some effort in to it if you want to meet people.

Yes, we know this can feel uncomfortable – especially as adults, but with the tips we’re going to share with you below, you’ll see that it’s not as scary as it seems, especially if you’re going about it in the right way.

Throw A Housewarming Party

Although most people who know you’re new in town will make an effort to help you feel welcome – especially work colleagues and neighbors, but it’s not something you should expect “just because.” You can make the first move if you want to get to know people and show them how nice you are.

One of the best ways to do this is to throw a small housewarming party that you can invite your new colleagues and even your neighbors to. A party is a great way to get to know people in a more informal setting than simply passing by on the stairwell, or through office small talk.

Go To MeetUps

Virtually every city, and even most bigger towns have meetups going on to help people connect with each other. Whether it’s groups of expats, book clubs, anime movie nights, or even cooking classes, meetups are an amazing way to get out and about in your new city whilst getting to know people who share the same interests as you. You can find meetups close to you by downloading the MeetUp app, through social media like Facebook and Twitter groups, or simply by doing a simple Google search to see what’s happening in your area.


What better way to get acquainted with your new city and meet new people than by doing something positive for the local community at the same time?

Although you may not have loads of free time to dedicate to volunteering, every little bit counts. So, instead of sitting home on a Saturday and feeling depressed because you have no one to go shopping with, get down to a local soup kitchen, food bank, or other non-profit organization and offer your time. Not only will this be appreciated, but you’ll meet some great people whilst volunteering.

Go Out Regardless

Don’t allow the fact that you don’t know people yet to keep you from going out and exploring your new home.

Of course it can be more fun with others, but you’ll be surprised how enjoyable and liberating it can be to do things on your own sometimes. You will meet people, so in the meantime, go for dinner, go to bars, and go to a movie alone.

No one will think you’re weird, and you never know who you may meet along the way.

See? With a little effort on your part, you’ll be having those late dinners and taking selfies with your new friends in no time.

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