How To Get Back To The Basics With Your Travel Plans in 2018

When it comes to travel, we often find ourselves over-complicating things. We see all of the stunning beach locations on Instagram, we hear about all of the weird and wonderful experiences you can have in the wilderness, and we want in. But travel really doesn’t have to be as complicated as that. It also doesn’t have to be expensive.

When we travel, we get to take in new locations, experience new things, and generally get a bit of a break away from everyday life – and that’s great. So why make it over complicated? You don’t have to make your travel plans extravagant to really enjoy them. Instead, you could think about really getting back to basics and just focusing on having a great time. If that sounds like something you want to do, here’s how to do it.

Visit A Small Town

So first of all, you should think about visiting a small town. If you’re someone that tends to fly straight to the beach or head overseas, strip your travel plans back completely and stay a little closer to home. Whether you’re from a small town or not, visiting one of the country’s most beautiful and picturesque small towns is incredible. Say you want to be able to really relax, enjoy pretty scenery, and just switch off? Then a small town vacation can offer it all.

Stay In A B&B

Even if you’re used to staying in fancy hotels or luxury apartments, again you’re going to want to go back to basics and just enjoy some of the simple things in life. Like staying in a B&B. When you want to enjoy a slower-paced vacation, nothing beats a B&B. The decor will always be cute, the host will be a dream, and you will always enjoy a hearty breakfast ready for your lazy day spent around the small town.


But you could also camp too. And this can be a really great way to switch off, get away from it all, and just relax in nature. Simple pick up a few camping essentials, see more here on that, pack up the car and head out. This can often be a great option if you’re looking to visit a few different locations too.

Take In The Sights

You should also look to spend your days taking in all of the great sights. So if you’re not really sure where to book your vacation, why not consider the best attractions in the country? Pick out your favorite, see them here to choose, and book up. That way, you’ll be really enjoying all the country has to offer.

Play Board Games

Finally, you are definitely going to want to play some board games. This is a huge classic that can be a lot of fun in the evenings. If you are staying in a B&B, you may find that they have board games available. But just to be sure (and if you’re camping), why not pick out your own so that you can have some good old-fashioned fun on your simple vacation.

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