Here’s How To Kick the Sugar to the Curb

Some people have a very sweet tooth, and this results in them eating far too much sugar. Excess of sugar is just ones of the reasons for diabetes and obesity. Reducing the amount in your diet can reduce the risk of either of these developing, as well as you are less likely to suffer heart problems.

Drop The Drinks

You can start reducing your sugar intake by ditching the sugary drinks. Fizzy lemon or orange might not taste very sweet, but just like coke and other soda drinks, they have a ton of sugar in them.

Why not kill two birds with one stone. If you need a caffeine boost, have caffeinated water. This is refreshing, and in the warm weather can easily replace those other sugary drinks or a hot coffee.

Staying hydrated is really important, and a drink before you eat can help to stop you from overeating.

Eat More Protein

People often turn to sweet snacks when they get peckish for convenience. It’s easy to pick up a few biscuits or sweets.  Stop the hunger pangs and the need for sweet things will diminish, making dieting and healthy living far easier. Eating more proteins can help with this as they will keep you feeling full for longer. They also help to stabilize your blood sugars and are like a natural appetite suppressant.

Eggs and cheese, extra nuts in your muesli or even a protein powder will all help to achieve this. Seeded wholegrain bread is also good for increasing your protein.

Choose Healthier Snacks

If your blood sugars keep spiking because of the amount of sugar you are consuming, you could start to suffer from mood swings or to feel not too well. The ups and downs of sugar levels is not good for your body, and as the levels return to normal, you will just start craving sugar again.

There are lots of snacks you can eat that have natural sugars and will be a lot better for you. Fruits are a perfect example. But if you really must have something sweet, pair it with fats or protein. These slow down the release of the sugar to make it easier for your body to cope. All it takes is a handful of nuts with your yogurt, or some cottage cheese and honey with a banana. Then you will have a sweet snack that will not send your sugar levels sky high.

Make Your Own

If your sweet tooth means you really do need something every day, make your own sweet treats. Then you can control what goes into them. They are natural ways of sweetening a snack without adding sugar or artificial sweetener’s.

Make sure the snack has some protein, some fat and some fruit as the sweet bit and you will be surprised how it will get rid of your cravings. Made properly, these can be very nutritious as well as tasty, and there are loads of recipes for you online.

Dump processed sugars for a healthier, fitter and lighter you, and tell all those diseases you are no longer a candidate.

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