Here Are Some 2019 Health and Fitness Goals To Stick To!

With the new year around the corner, now is the time to get thinking about the the goals, resolutions, or plans that you have for the year ahead. But did you know that by the middle of February, the majority of people have already broken their resolutions that they had set themselves?

One of the reasons why is that a resolution can be quite generalized or vague. It might be ‘get healthy’ or ‘lose weight,’ but what do those things actually look like? When you are more specific with your goals, then it can make a massive difference. You’ll know when the goal has been achieved and then you can go from there.

So if you’d normally be looking to set yourself a resolution of being healthier, then here are some goals that are going to be more specific to really get you there. Let’s make 2019 your healthiest (and happiest) yet.

Workout X Times a Week

If you would normally say that you will just exercise more, then you need to be specific; what is the plan to help you to exercise more? Which is why a goal of working out three times a week, for example, is going to be much better than simply saying that you want to exercise more. Adding in things like aiming for 10,000 steps per day is also a good idea, alongside pledging to take the stairs when you are presented with a choice.

Healthier Food Swaps

Making healthy food choices can mean cutting a lot of things out of your life. And when you do that, it can be tough for a lot of people, and they suddenly want the only thing that they can’t have. So instead of cutting things out of your diet, pledge to make 2019 the year of healthy food swaps. Things like whole grain bread or flour over white bread or flour is a simple swap, as well as things like grilled chicken over fried chicken. Then you can still get to enjoy the foods that you want, but you will be cutting down the calories or having food with much more nutritional value.

Do More of What Makes You Happy

Being happy and healthy isn’t just about your physical health. Your mental health plays a part in this too. So if there are things that make you happy, perhaps something like fillers or even an o shot, then why not go for it? It could just be more of a hobby that you like or more family time. Even something like cutting toxic people from your life could be what you need for your mental health to improve. Your happiness is an important part of your health.

Attend Checkups

A resolution to just get healthy is made up of a lot of things. So to be more specific, how about stating that you are going to make and attend check up appointments? How many times have you had a doctor’s letter through or from the dentist, and just not made the appointment? If that is the case, then it is time to stop. Attending these kinds of appointments will help you to be healthier in the long term and can deal with any ill-health as and when they come up.


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