Healthy Living Isn’t All About Salads & The Gym!

Healthy living is something that we all struggle with. Once you get into a bad habit of a poor diet and a lack of exercise, it’s hard to get out of that cycle. Plus, the jobs that we have don’t exactly do us justice either.

If you’re sat at an office job all day, or perhaps you work from home, it’s so much harder to actually stay motivated with a healthy lifestyle. But, we have to admit, a lot of people assume that having a healthy lifestyle is all about salads and going to the gym, when there’s so much more to it than that.

Healthy living really is easy to achieve, and if you put your mind to ti, it can really change your life. The benefits are huge, and we’re going to discuss some of them today. But first of all, we want to show you how easy it is to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Getting The Cooking Right

The cooking side of things is what people seem to struggle with the most. It’s easy to assume that you have to cut absolutely everything out of your diet, but that really isn’t the case. All you need to do is learn to cook low fat, low sugar, and low salt meals, with the occasional treat thrown in. If you get one of the copper pans by Copper Chef, there’s so many different meals that you could make with it. Sometimes you just need something that’s really deep dish to do a healthy lasagna, curry, chili etc.

So you see, we have listed three things there that people would usually shut out of their diet, but who is saying it’s bad for you. Take lasagna as an example. Yes, a basic lasagna is full of fat due to the cheese sauce and the packed ingredients. But, if you go for a veggie lasagna, and use pesto as a replacement for some of the cheese sauce, you have the potential to cut the calories so much. As for curry, as long as you make the sauce fresh, or at least go for a low fat and salt jar of sauce, the meal is fine.

Switch your rice to wholegrain to add that extra bit of health, and it’s a perfect meal to eat. Once a week you should give yourself a big treat as well. Whether it be a McDonald’s or takeaway for dinner on a Friday, or a nice meal out. By doing this, you’re resisting the temptation to snack at other points in the week, as you know you’ve got something to look forward to at the end of it.

Adding In Some Fitness

Of course you need to have a little bit of fitness in your life. The benefits that a good workout has for you in great, yet people shy away from it so much. We’re not saying that you should go and start up a gym membership, you definitely don’t need to do that.

But, what you could do, is get yourself a few home DVD workouts. If you stick to them and eat a healthy diet along with it, you really will notice the difference in both your weight, and your fitness levels. We would recommend that you also get out and about when it comes to this.

Whether it be going for a run every morning to get yourself energized for the day, or going for a long walk in the evening to wind down. They’re both excellent ways of keeping fit, and you’ll find that you’ll have so much more energy from doing it.

Bad Habits To Change

Healthy living is about everything in general, and we know that some of you might have a few bad habits to change. One of the main that people struggle with is alcohol. Alcohol can be consumed in moderation, or it can be consumed to excess.

Excess isn’t necessarily getting blind drunk every night, but it is reaching for a glass of wine every evening. As soothing as it might be, it does contain so many calories per glass, and if done for a long period of time, it will damage you internal systems. Try and keep drinking as a treat at the weekend, and stay away from binge drinking! If you’re a smoker, then the perfect solution for you is an E-cigarette.

It’s like having the real thing, but it tastes nice, and you don’t have all of those harmful additives. You can start off at a high milligram, and work your way down until you’re not relying on nicotine at all!

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