Hang Tough! Survival Strategies To Employ When Life Catches You Off Guard

One minute, everything is perfect. The next, you’re trying to negotiate an unexpected iceberg that has appeared in your tranquil millpond. This, unfortunately, is the reality of life. If you were cruising along without a care in the world, and life caught you off guard, here are some strategies to help you survive.

Practical thinking

You’ve stumbled across an obstacle. What is your next step? Many of us tend to focus on the obstacle, rather than the solution. If you’ve lost your job, or you’ve sustained an injury, it’s natural to think about what’s happened and why you’ve ended up in this situation, but it’s more useful to consider how you’re going to pull through and reach the other side. Rather than dwelling on the negative, try and be positive, and use your head rather than your heart. It’s so important to process your emotions, and share how you’re feeling, but it’s also essential to have a sense of perspective, and to look for ways out. Take the example of losing your job unexpectedly. If you’re in this situation, ask questions and make sure you know your rights, and then start looking to the future. What will you do next? There’s every chance that new opportunities will become apparent, so be proactive, look for vacancies and think about what you want to do. You might find that one door closing opens another.

Seeking assistance

Some of us are fiercely independent, but humans are programmed to help and reassure each other. Many of us hang around in packs, and we prefer the company of others. If you’re in a difficult situation, be prepared to ask for help. If you need emotional support, reach out to friends or family members, or considering seeing a therapist or contacting a charity. If you need practical advice, there are people out there who can help. If you’ve been ill, and you’re having trouble with your employer, or you’ve been injured as a result of medical negligence, it’s wise to seek advice from experts like a medical malpractice lawyer. Don’t suffer in silence, or assume that your problems don’t matter. Often, the hardest step to take is saying how you feel or approaching somebody to ask for help. Once you’ve done this, you may feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders, and hopefully, you’ll receive the emotional and practical support and guidance you need.

Look for the good in every situation

They say you have to go through the lows to enjoy the highs. Whatever situation you’re in, try your best to look for the positives. Cling onto that glimmer of hope no matter how dim it may be. Sometimes, life may seem incredibly difficult, even cruel, but if you can focus on the good, rather than the bad, there’s every chance you will pull through. Remember that you’re not on your own.

Has life thrown you an unexpected or unwanted curve-ball? If an accident has knocked you for six, you’ve been through a break-up, or you find yourself searching for jobs or panicking about money, hang tough. Be positive, stay strong, and know that you’re not alone.

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