Four Causes Of Your Life Stress – And How To Stop It

The amount of pressure that get put on our shoulders these days is in the impossible levels category. Sometimes, the pressure is put on us by other people. Other times, we put pressure on ourselves to be better and do better.

It’s not an easy thing to live with, particularly as most of us don’t actually perform too well under pressure, despite what our resumes say. If you don’t check up on your stress from time to time, you end up unable to function and, in most cases, unwell.

Many people out there won’t talk about their stress to the people in their lives, and this is a big mistake. Your friends, your family and your work colleagues need to know when you feel like you are drowning.

They are there to listen to you and when you are going through stressful situations that are threatening your well-being, they need to hear it. You can only go for so long without the right support before you feel like it’s all falling in on you.

There are situations that can occur that you may not be able to deal with alone legally, let alone because of the stress it’s causing you, so the important thing here is to know who to contact and when. Life is going to continue to throw stress balls at you – the question is how you handle it?

Here are four stressful scenarios in life and how to cope.

Time. The feeling you are running out of time? That’s stressful. No one likes to be late to anything, but if you’re not great at keeping your time on track, or the demands on you aren’t realistic, then you need to do something. Learning to manage your time more effectively is going to be the best thing that you can do for yourself. Priorities are important here, and time management should be one of them.

Unhealthy Lifestyle. It’s a vicious circle, this one, because your stress makes you eat badly and you eat badly when you feel the pressure. Not eating a balanced diet can make you stress out even further, so you need to make some small changes to get your lifestyle on track. Managing your calories, fitting in exercise and getting a good night of sleep is important.

Conflict. Whether you are dealing with conflict and issues at work, or you are coping with a personal life that is full of uncertainty, the conflict in your life is going to cause you high levels of stress. You have to do what you can to avoid unnecessary conflicts and move away from high stress situations that you don’t need to be involved in.

No Time Out. You need downtime. A constant stream of stress does nothing for you except to make you feel worse. Once you recognise that this is the reason for your stress, you need to start stepping back and taking time out for you.

Stress doesn’t have to rule your life, and you don’t have to let it. Take a moment to figure out where your stress comes from and make it right for you.

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