Forget the Gym, Here Are Some Ways to Get Fitter Without Queuing for a Treadmill

It’s just one of those eternal pains in the neck, right?

You know that you need to get fit, and you understand the health benefits of exercise (how could you not? Everyone talks about them all the time.) All the same, you really hate going to the gym, and you’re pretty sure that if you ever have to queue for a treadmill again, you might lose your mind.

Here’s an unusual bit of advice: forget the gym. There are better ways of getting in shape and improving your health, and if fitness is something you hate, then it unlikely to stick in the long term, anyway.

Here are some ways of getting fitter without ever queueing for treadmill again

Go for one short, intense workout session a week instead

Have you ever heard of Tabata training? it’s a hyper- intense form of exercise that takes only around three minutes, and that research has shown can get you just as fit as an exercise session lasting half an hour or more.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dr and author Doug McGuff, has written a research-laden book called “Body By Science”, that argues, pretty convincingly, that you only need to work out once a week, for 12 minutes, in order to get fitter, healthier, and more toned.

There are plenty of short, high-intensity exercise routines out there. They will take a good deal more effort than the average gym session, but they are short, and you may only need to do them once a week or so. If you’re willing to put in that work, you might be able to get fit while saving a whole ton of time.

Take up a physical pastime that makes you feel good, and let “fitness” take care of itself

Have you ever thought how weird the concept of exercise actually is? No, really, think about it. You’re going and putting yourself in an artificial environment, and you’re doing things to exhaust your body, with no other purpose.

Throughout human history, people have become fit by doing meaningful things that just happen to require physical work. They were farming in the field, or they were carrying heavy things around, or they were building things, or they were fighting.

Believe it or not, you can actually get fit by participating in physical pastimes that make you feel good. So, why don’t you? Instead of sweating on a treadmill, maybe the key, for you, would actually be to take up a C2B Pilates class, or a Zumba class, instead?

Get a standing desk and do more low-level moving around during the day

Unless you have a physical job, or one that keeps you on your feet for large chunks of the day, you are properly spending far too much time sitting down.

Recent scientific research and news reports, have pointed out that spending too much time sitting down, uninterrupted, during the day, can result in some pretty serious consequences to your health and fitness.

So, if you do work at a desk all day, it might be worth your time investing in a standing desk, and actively pacing around every hour or so.

This may seem deceptively simple, but research has actually shown that simply moving around a bit more during the day can have significant health and fitness benefits.

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