Five Simple Ways to Spend More Time with Friends and Family

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Many studies have shown that people are unhappier than ever before, and it’s not always a result of financial issues. In truth, a lack of time with our loved ones is the chief contributor. As such, finding ways to increase the amount of time spent with friends and fairly should be high on the agenda.

It’s not always easy due to the hectic nature of modern life – as well as those cash flow issues – but the following five ideas should have a positive impact. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

#1. Get fit together

Finding time for loved ones isn’t the only tough challenge in modern life. Finding tie for exercise can be equally difficult, so why not combine the two? Playing team sports or gyming together is a great way to establish structured routines for spending time together. The added motivation, particularly when supported by fitness wearables, can spur you onto great results. This will improve both of your lives in a big way.

There are many options at your disposal such as signing up for charity events or joining a yoga class. You can even combine your joint health kick with the desire for a holiday by taking a trekking trip. The possibilities are endless.

#2. Sync your lives

Technology can aid our lives in many ways, especially in maintaining contact with loved ones. Social media platforms are great for staying in touch with friends and family from around the globe. However, for those that you wish to see more regularly, syncing your calendars is ideal. This simple step to increased organization will make it far easier to find time for each other. This can only have a positive impact on your lives.

We’ve all been in the situation where it takes weeks to find a date in the diary where everyone is free. This can become a thing of the past while the chance to book in events together with greater ease. Groups of friends will see huge rewards.

#3. Host dining parties

Whether looking to spend more time with another couple or a group of friends, dinner parties are great. They’re cheaper (and easy to organize) than dining out. Moreover, it’s a chance to finally try creative recipes like this squash casserole. By alternating who hosts the dining party, you’ll also get a few nights off from cooking yourself. Better still, you can share culinary tips to ensure you each become better in the kitchen.

Dinner parties needn’t be formal events. You can combine this with a few drinks on the garden deck, playing board games, or hosting a film night. Either way, the increased time spent together is sure to provide many happy memories.

#4. Manage your work life

We all have the desire to spend more time with friends and family. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to do this when you’re stuck working from home at 10 pm each night even after being in the office from 9 to 5. Structuring your lie with a better work-life balance is essential for your happiness. As well as enabling you to spend more time with loved ones, it’ll allow you to invest more time in yourself.

Falling into the trap of living to work is one of the biggest problems facing modern society. While your career is important, it cannot take priority over your health and happiness. Take control of your life in this way, and you will soon have more time for those that matter most.

#5. Turn chores into time together

Everyone has their own list of activities that need to be completed. Like fitness, you can sync up your trips to the supermarket, the recycling center, or auto servicing store. While it might not quite match the fun of a vacation, creating more time for each other in day-to-day life is vital. Simply shooting the breeze can work wonders for your personal health and happiness, as well as your friendship. Besides, it makes the chores less boring too.

If you both have dogs, walking can be a great excuse to spend more time together too. If you can find a convenient solution to your problems, your hopes of sustaining the improved strategy will be far greater.

The Final Word

It’s very easy to fall into the habit of not spending quality time with friends and family. However, it only takes a few short weeks to consciously adopt new habits and become closer to loved ones more. When you do, the benefits on your physical and mental health could not be greater.

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