Five Signs You’re Successfully Adulting

It may not happen to everyone, but it’s tough to know when you’re truly an adult. Even if you run your own business, live in your own home and are financially independent, it sometimes still doesn’t feel like you’ve got to the point of being a grown up. The fact that most of us still turn to older adults for advice doesn’t help this, but when do you finally become the adultier adult? The grown up that other grown ups turn to? It’s not an easy thing to figure out, because for most of us, we still feel like we’re in our early twenties and about to graduate college.

There’s nothing about adulthood that is easy. You spend your childhood and your teenage years wishing for independence and wishing to be a grown up, but then you get there and realize that you have far more responsibility as an adult than you imagined. You also realize that you may be financially independent from your parents and in your own home, but you can’t decorate because a cushion costs more than twenty dollars. It’s a sad realization, because by the time you realize that you have to learn about mortgages and debt, you can’t go back and warn yourself what it’s like. So, while you’re asking your elders for advice about unclogging the drain and asking what you should expect from a plumber, you are, in fact, an adult. Don’t worry, you’re not having a crisis. Not yet, anyway, you’re just not sure how you became an adult. Here are some signs that you’ve made it in one piece:

You Batch-Cook

Sundays are the day you are stirring a huge chilli pot and Bolognese pot on the same stove. These are going to fill the refrigerator for lunches and the freezer for dinners. You plan ahead. You balance your food. You’re a conscientious eater.

You Earn Money

You might even own your own business by now, but the sure sign you’ve reached adulthood is being out in the world and making your mark. Children only make chalk marks, not actual ones.

You Host Dinner

Your friends and you have a routine going over who cooks for whom each week, and you actually host dinner parties with grown up food and grown up wines. There’s grown up conversation, too, about insurance and stocks, and the rising cost of sofa cushions. It’s all adult here.

You Empty The Trash

Do you remember being a child, and there were jobs that the kids did and jobs that the adults did? Well, now you’re the one hauling the trash to the outside bin now.

You Have A Mortgage

You have to be a legal adult before you can buy a fixer upper and plan a rewiring and re-piping of the entire house. If you own your home, you’re now old enough to be considered an adult.

Growing old is inevitable and it happens to all of us, but age is just a number, so you don’t have to act it all the time!

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