Feeling Stressed? Try These Methods to Relax

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We’re used to thinking of the world as always improving, but perhaps increased possessions and wealth are the wrong way to measure progress. Happiness should be the main indicator of a healthy society, not GDP.

For reasons such as job insecurity, global concerns, and increased working hours, there are more stressed people than ever before. And the bad news is that stress isn’t just something that you experience in the moment: it can have long-term, adverse health impacts on an individual, too.

So we all need to relax a little more, and on a daily basis, not just when we’re on holiday! Below, we take a look at four tried and tested methods of beating stress down.

Work Up a Sweat

If you’re feeling anxious and stressed, you’d be well served by putting on those running shoes and hitting the streets or the gym. Exercise releases a lot of feel-good chemicals into our brains, which can negate the feelings of stress. Plus, there are long-term benefits to working out, too. You’ll look and feel better, and have more energy – which means you’ll be able to tackle all the tasks that would induce stress if you were low on energy and couldn’t complete them.

Traditional Techniques

Society generally looks forward, but it’s worth keeping in mind that previous generations have a lot to say. And if they were happier and less stressed than we are, then maybe it’s worth looking at how they kept stress at bay.

Humans have been using aroma oils for thousands of years, so it must be good! Visit this website to take a look at the different oils on sale, and see which one would work best for you. You’re sure to be in a relaxed state if you spend a night curled up on the couch with a book as the oils are diffused around your home.

Quiet Your Mind

Meditation had something of a “new age hippy” vibe around it for a while, but it should be taken seriously. Scientists have shown that it really does have positive long-lasting effects on our stress levels! And what’s more is that it can be used “in the moment,” too.

So if you’re feeling particularly stressed, you can calm yourself down with ten minutes of meditation. Because it’s so simple to do and can be done virtually anywhere, it’s a good practice to learn the technique and make it a part of your daily life.

Get Some Perspective

\Stress sucks us in. It makes any issues we have seem much bigger than they really are. To get back to our free-flowing, carefree state of mind, we just need a bit of perspective.

Head out in the countryside, or look up at the stars, and you’ll realize that the things weighing on your mind aren’t that big a deal anyway. If you can’t visit nature, or it’s cloudy, then write it out instead. Everyone feels much better – and sometimes slightly silly – once they see their “problems” on the page.

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