Extended Time Off? Make The Transition Back To Work Easier With These Tips

There might be some phases in your life when you need to take an extended period of time off work. For instance, you might end up quite ill or suffering from an injury after an accident. In these cases, you will need to take plenty of time off to recover and recuperate. Eventually, you’ll be able to return to work as normal.

However, transitioning back into full-time work after such a long time off can be quite difficult for some people. It can be physically draining, especially if you are still shaking off the last of an illness. There can also be some mental pressures as well. But that’s no reason to give up work for good, though. Here are a few tips that can help you transition back to work without too many issues.

Wait Until Any Compensation Claims Are Complete

First of all, it’s important to point out that you may have to stay off work until any compensation claims that you have made are all done and dusted. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to let you know when you have the all clear to return to work. If you don’t just yet, they should be able to inform you of an expected time frame for completion. If you do return back to work before your compensation has been awarded, it could affect your case and you may end up losing out on a payout.

Go Back Part-Time To Start Off With

If you think that returning to work on a full-time basis could be quite intense, then you might want to ask your company if you could return part-time for at least a couple of months. This should be enough time to get back into the swing of things. Once you are used to the part-time routine, you can then increase your hours further.

Look For Support

There is also a lot of support available for people who are returning to work after an extended period off. If you have been suffering with mental health issues, then you might want to speak to one of the many mental health charities about your transition back to work. They might refer you to a counselor who you can talk to while you start working again. If you have any physical disabilities, then you might want to see if it’s possible for any adaptations to be made to your office.

Discuss Things With Your Managers

If you still have any worries about going back to the office, it’s a good idea to arrange a meeting with your manager and speak to them. I’m sure they will be very understanding of your situation and will do everything that they can to make the transition an easy one for you. They might even be able to minimize your workload in the first few weeks so that you don’t risk getting too stressed out.

Hopefully, all of these handy tips above make it even easier for you to return to work!


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