Ethical Shopping 101: How to Be a More Ethical Shopper

Millions of consumers are turning to products that are made by companies that use eco-friendly methods and purchase their raw materials from places where they know chemicals have not been used to make the produce grow any quicker. It is fast becoming the trend for people to shop ethically, as this helps to relieve some of the guilt about how much we have when there are so many people starving worldwide.  

We are being told constantly that the answer is not just to give them food, but to help them build industries and infrastructures that will secure their futures. This is the aim of ethical shopping, and hopefully, the effects are starting to filter through to the people that need help.

Living more ethically can be difficult, but shopping is a great place to start. With that in mind here are some things you can do to make more ethical shopping decisions today.

Always Buy Fair Trade

When something is marked ‘Fair Trade’ you can be certain that whoever grew, built, knitted or manufactured the product you are buying has been paid a sustainable and living wage. When they earn a fair wage, they no longer will need hand-outs and that is good for them and good for the consumer.  The more times you buy a product with the ‘Fair Trade’ mark, the more you are helping to strengthen the economies of the countries that need it most.

Makeup Not Tested On Animals

Because of the backlash against makers of perfumes and makeup products that were testing them on animals, there has been a large range of newer products that are now totally cruelty-free. You can buy cruelty free eyeliner, lip colors, face creams, and many other self-care products. It has been realized that animal rights are just as important as human rights, and now the practice of testing products on them has been banned in many places.

Shop Local

It is not only workers abroad that need your help. Many local stores are losing their livelihoods because of the huge hypermarkets on the outsides of towns and the popularity of online shopping. If you want your local stores to be able to stay open, you need to use them as often as you can.

Use The Farmers Markets

Apart from the fact that you will be helping the farmers when you buy fresh produce from their markets, the beauty is that if you want just one tomato that is all you have to buy. Most supermarkets package their fruit and veg several together, and quite often some ends up in the trash. That is not only wasting food, but they are also using plastic wrappings so you can see what you are buying, and this is something that we all need to rally against.

The farmers are far more likely to put your produce into a paper bag made from recycled paper, and that is the best option for us all.

Read The Small Print

Some products will tell you that a portion of each sale will go to a charity of some sort. If you read the small print the amount they pass over is very tiny, but people fall for this all the time. As a rule of thumb, if it is a product you want then buy it, but do not bother if it is just to feel good about some of the money going to charity.

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