End of the Year Self-Reflections To Consider

As the year starts to wind down, we all tend to take a moment to reflect on ourselves and how the past 12 months have been. It may have been a good year for you, full of prosperity and happiness. But that won’t have been the case for everyone, so take this time to evaluate what has taken place this year and assessing any changes you need to make.

Positive changes in your life don’t have to be drastic, they can be small like taking the time to get outside on your lunch break. Stretching your legs and taking in some fresh air. But sometimes, there is a need for something bigger because life has started to get you down, maybe a vice or two has become an issue.

Helping yourself comes in many forms, it could just mean removing from your life those things you tend to overindulge in like alcohol or sweet treats. But being able to recognize when this indulgence is the result of an underlying issue is much harder and can require some quite significant inner reflection.

Take, for example, alcoholism and drug abuse. These are often things that someone else has but rarely something the individual is able to admit to. Recognizing the side-effects of alcohol dependence in yourself isn’t easy, but taking the time to look in the mirror and really think about how you’re dealing with life’s challenges and the vices you are using to get through may just give you an indication on if you’re allowing bad habits to take over.  

If you have started to see in yourself changes that concern you relating to dependency on substances or alcohol, or if you are concerned about a loved one with regards to these issues, you should look into finding out more about what can be done to help get people suffering back on their feet.

But, this end of year reflection doesn’t just have to be looking to find problems related to dependency on drugs. You might find that this year you have been too busy or dealing with other stresses to take enough care of yourself. Gaining weight isn’t something to ashamed of but it is something to keep an eye on. If you are concerned about weight gain, then take a look around at tips that will help you out. But remember, weight gain isn’t always just about what you eat and exercise. Explore yourself first to see if you need to tackle more than just a treadmill.

It isn’t easy taking a step back from our busy lives and looking introspectively. But with more and more information available to us these days on how mental health can impact our physical health, we should be taking the time to look after ourselves even if that means a couple of times a year having a long hard look in the mirror and saying ‘I want to change this to improve myself.’

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