Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Boss?

If you’ve been working for the man (whoever he might be) for the past few years, you might be becoming a little disillusioned with your nine to five. Sure, you have a steady wage, decent promotion prospects and job security, but do you have that all-important fire in your belly for what you are doing for at least eight hours a day?

More people than ever are choosing to shun their cushy full time job and risk it all for the ultimate job satisfaction of working for themselves. It might be daunting, a little palpitation inducing and you might find yourself doubting your decision at times, but being your own boss could be the best decision you ever make.


Working from home may be the ideal way to begin your new self employment venture. If you have a passion, whether this be handcrafted greetings cards, providing bespoke accountancy services for IT contractors or refurbishing vintage manual typewriters, the chances are you can base yourself in your humble abode, to begin with.

Only as you expand will you need to consider external premises. This can keep your overheads low and afford you a better work and home life balance. The occasional pajama day will never be frowned upon, and you can set about building your business empire from your living room.


While you might be a one person band to begin with, as your orders increase, your marketing budget expands, and your market becomes greater, you may need to take on staff to fill a skills gap. Companies like Ogletree Deakins provide exceptional advice to new employers to ensure that you abide by all relevant employment legislation.

Hiring the right people can be tricky so don’t always be seduced by the swanky qualifications and a glowing resume that a candidate might have. They need to mirror your company’s ethos and fit into your staff team effectively so ask the important questions, see if they have a sense of humor and invite them to the office to observe whether they’ll fit into your team.


If you are just starting out on your money making venture, the chances are you won’t have all the necessary skills to make your business a success immediately. You cannot be the managing director, the accountant, the marketing bod, the HR guru and the IT troubleshooter all at once.

You may need to outsource certain requirements to ensure the smooth running of your company and to allow you to get on with implementing your business vision. Specialist expertise from off-site companies can lead to a more efficient company. Smart use of resources can make or break your business so at the very least outsource your payroll and SEO capabilities.

Becoming your own boss and being in charge of the jobs of others can be a terrifying prospect. However, the very fact that you are reading this article shows just how much your want to get it right and how much you care about being successful in your new role.


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  1. The good things are that two days are not alike, the bad things is pretty much everything else. Basically the constant pressure to make things happens leads to a very tired bunny.

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