Deteriorating… Or Improving? Looking After Yourself As You Age

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As we get older, we can find doors opening up to us in new and exciting ways. We learn more about ourselves, we can get more confidence in our abilities, but naturally, certain things start to deteriorate. It’s like that expression, while in your 20s you wake up feeling hungover, in your 30s, it’s just how you feel every day, but the reality dawns on you that you need to start looking after yourself. But what are the best ways to look after yourself as you get older? Is it about the tried and tested methods, or is it about something a little bit more?

Don’t Neglect Your Senses

We can spend our youth completely battering our senses, by going to concerts and just overexposing ourselves to things that will result in further hearing aids further down the line. As such, there can be a point where you feel potentially isolated because you don’t realize there’s a little bit of hearing loss. But the great thing now is that you can find out more about hearing aids that are more subtle in nature. If you get to the point where you think you need a hearing test, do it. You won’t regret this, and it will make everything a lot easier. Likewise, with things like a sense of smell, that can disappear due to too much alcohol or cigarettes. But these are things that can be controlled; you don’t have to let them deteriorate.

Getting That Meaning From Life

During our 20s, we may have one eye towards the future, but it’s so far away that we don’t think about it. What do you really want to achieve? Have you spent all this time working six days a week for nothing? There is more to life than work. But also, when you think about what you want to get out of life, sometimes it’s the things right in front of you that you don’t even notice. The little things, relationships, and not taking life so seriously can make getting older bearable. We view getting older as a negative thing, when in fact, we should avoid fearing it, instead, embrace it.

A Little Bit Of Exercise Goes A Long Way

As health and fitness are crucial, it’s about finding that right balance. Some people go to the gym six days a week, but they have no life. As such, are they actually getting all the benefits? Live your life, but as long as you can do approximately 45 minutes of exercise three days a week, you are doing more than enough for maintenance! As well as this, never underestimate a half-decent diet. But at the same time, a little bit of what you fancy will make you feel really good.¬†

We can certainly focus too much on getting older, whether it’s our physical decline, mental health, or just the fact that we are getting a few more wrinkles. In one respect, we’ve got to let go of the fact that we are deteriorating because we are improving as people. But there are things you can do to make life a bit more bearable. Looking after yourself as you age is about getting enjoyment out of life.

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