Create the Ultimate Pampering Experience With These 5 Tips

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A pamper night is something everyone needs to treat themselves to once in a while. Our lives often travel at such high speeds that we hardly have the chance to take a breath at the end of the day and relax before getting in bed ready to start all over again. If you are in need of a pamper session soon why not invite the girls over and make a night of it? Here are some of the things you can do to set up a fun pamper evening.

Set up some snacks and drinks

Food and drink is always essential for a pamper evening and you can’t go wrong with something like pizza or pasta for the mob. Think about making your own pizzas and letting everyone choose their own toppings, or simply lay or some easy snacks like chips and dips for them to eat through the evening. For drinks you can either enjoy some wine or cocktails, or if you are trying to be good and practice sober living for women, you can always make some fun cocktails without the alcohol added in.

Make it cozy

An evening of pampering has to be cozy and comfortable for everyone in the house so make a rule with the girls that you all have to wear your coziest pajamas for the evening. You can make the living room extra cozy with blankets, cushions and lots of candles to warm the place up as well as give you a lovely scent to enjoy.

Give options for face masks

When it comes to pampering yourself, one of the main attractions is always a face mask and there are so many different types and varieties you can choose from for the party. The best thing to do is buy a selection of little pouches which contain either mud or peel off masks in a range of different flavors. This will allow everyone to choose their favorite one and also to avoid anything which might irritate their skin.

Create a nail station

Nail varnish is always a massive part of a girly night in and you can have some fun with your night by creating a little nail station with lots of different colors, glitters, gems and embellishments which everyone can choose from and play around with while you watch a movie together. Painting nails is always really relaxing and it will make you all feel refreshed and beautiful once you are done.

Break out the chocolate

Chocolate is a must on any girls night, but especially if you are having some much needed pamper time together. Chocolate is known to improve or look by making us produce more dopamine so just by eating chocolate in the evening you will feel much happier and more relaxed.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good bar of chocolate once in a while? You can grab a few different ones to give everyone a selection to eat and it will be the most indulgent treat alongside a warming hot chocolate.

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