Coping With The Effects Of A Long Haul Journey

Going on a long haul journey means you’re in a state of travel for at least 7 hours, and more often than not, you’re on the go for about 14. And when you think about it, this can play hell on your body! You can lose all the energy you’ve ever had from just being cramped together with a bunch of strangers in economy class, and you can lose all the hydration out of your skin and your organs because the air gets so dry and thin up there.

If you’re traveling on the ground, a long haul journey isn’t much better! Your legs go completely numb, your bottom might even do the same, and there’s a good chance you can’t stop and stretch out for another couple hundred miles or so. And then you run out of snacks and there’s no stewardess to top you up again.

So let’s think about preserving your health and comfort as you travel with the points below

Make Sure You Drink Plenty

Going through a long haul journey can really drain the batteries, and most of all, drain the water tank, so try to make sure you have access to water for the whole 14 to 16 hours you’re up in the air or on the train tracks. This doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds when you’re separated from reliable water sources by a few thousand feet of air or what seems to be farmland; there’s always going to be on board catering services available to you.

But if you don’t want to spend money on what can be ludicrous prices for just a simple bottle of water, be sure to pack at least two bottles of water of at least 500ml capacity. You can buy these from the airport after going through security, or you can take empty bottles and fill them up once you’re in.

Be sure to pack a few items for your eyes and your lips and your skin as well. The air in a plane, or on a train, can be very dry. That, in turn, can help to dry you out; chapped lips and bloodshot eyes when you touch down doesn’t feel very glamorous, does it? So have a chapstick in your bag, a small bottle of eye drops, and even just some standard moisturizer for when your fingers start feeling like they’re going to crack.

Try to Keep Your Distance

If you’re travelling on a commercial airline, or you’re packed together with what seems to be thousands of other people on a train going across a country, try to keep yourself to yourself. Germs can spread from human to human very quickly, and it’s the contact you’ve got to watch out for; don’t worry too much about the air, as most airlines have the technology installed to filter out anything floating in the cabin atmosphere.

If you know you’re going to be in for a long haul journey soon, because you’ve got a dream travel trip scheduled or you’re off to another country for a wonderful working opportunity, it would be worth it to get inoculated with a flu jab, and any other immunizations the doctor would recommend for your departure. After all, the best way to protect yourself when you’re crammed together with people who could be coughing and sneezing and spluttering all over the place is to take preventative measures. If you’re not in a car, there’s little chance you can just crank open a window to get some fresh air!

Similarly, try to book a seat that’s commonly identified as being more private than any others on a regular commercial flight. Take a small bottle of antibacterial gel in your carry on, to make sure you can regularly clean your hands if you ever worry about something you’ve touched, especially if you’re going to be sitting in a window seat whilst being flanked by at least two other people. It’s hard to feel like you’ve got a bit of personal space in a seat like that, but it doesn’t mean you can’t limit your chances of exposure.

Then Settle Down for a Good Night’s Rest

Once you touch down in your destination, one that you’ve crossed half the world for and had to use two stop over flights to get to, make sure you’ve got accommodation that’s going to allow you to bed down on a comfy mattress with some clean sheets, and also, to bed down for as long as you want to! Of course, when you’re travelling to a country that has a wildly different timezone to your own, it’s best to try and stay on your feet until night falls there. But sometimes, we absolutely do need a little nap!

AirBnBs are ever popular, but if you’ve saved up for this trip and you’ve got funds left over, why not use them up and treat yourself? If you’re travelling thousands of miles to see a country like Indonesia, renting someone’s holiday home for a couple of weeks or months might just be the dream accommodation you’re looking for. Hey, if you like it enough, you might get the chance to invest in jual rumah bandung yourself – that’s a surefire way to guarantee you get to come back again, and be in ultimate comfort when you do!

And of course, the more good night sleeps we can get in whilst we’re vacationing, the better. You’re in a new country, and there’s a lot for you to do whilst you’re there, you’re going to feel drained every time you get back to your room in the evening. So unless you’ve managed to score a good deal with a hotel, or you’ve got a friend’s couch or spare room to put to good use, it might be worth it to look into private accommodation.

A long haul journey can feel like hell, and you’ll never want to go on one again, but there’s always things to do to lighten the load!

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