Chance The Rapper partners with the Chicago Bulls, Donates another $1 Million to Chicago Public Schools

Chance is just the gift that keeps on giving isn’t he?

via NBC Chicago

Chance the Rapper announced Friday the Chicago Bulls would be donating $1 million to cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools.

Following his commitment to donate $1 million to Chicago Public Schools, Chance previously announced a “major announcement about his efforts to support Chicago Public Schools.”

PREVIOUSLY ON THE BLOG: Chance the Rapper Donating $1M to Chicago Schools

Chance, whose real name is Chancelor Bennett, said as a parent and proud CPS graduate, he is dedicated to having students receive a quality education and also announced a new arts and literature fund. He aims to bring arts to schools have seen a decrease in five year graduation rates starting this fall.

The announcement took place at 2:30 p.m. at Robeson High School in Chicago.

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