Car Or Motorcycle? Choose The Best For You

For some people, choosing their next vehicle is an easy choice. They simply look for a new car to replace their current one. But how about expanding your horizons and thinking about reducing to just two wheels? That’s right – why not think about buying a motorcycle instead of a car next time you need a new vehicle?

There are quite a few things that put people off the whole idea of buying a motorcycle. For instance, the bikes have quite a bad reputation when it comes to safety. But should all the motorcycle stereotypes and reputations be taken seriously? Well, I’ve written about the pros and cons of both cars and motorcycles to help you make your next decision.

The Initial Cost

First of all, it’s necessary to consider the cost of the vehicle. Most people would assume that cars are more expensive than motorcycle, and this is largely correct. If you look at brand new cars and compare them to brand new motorcycles, then you will see that, by in large, cars are more expensive. They are also the most expensive vehicles to run as well. Cars take more fuel, so you will find that it costs you more to fill the tank up compared to filling up a bike.


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The Safety Factor

There are a lot of people who are wary about using motorcycles because they are unsafe. But are they really unsafe vehicles? Motorcycle accidents are quite common, and you can find more information here about them, but they are fairly easy to prevent.

That’s because the main cause of these accidents is careless driving. So, if you are safe on a bike and wear the correct safety clothing, you shouldn’t have to worry too much.


Of course, there is one downside of owning a motorcycle that makes them not suitable for everyone – they aren’t that practical as there is hardly any storage. Sure, you can buy bags that you can attach onto the back of the bike, but these won’t improve the storage situation by much. In fact, the whole storage system could make a motorcycle a very impractical choice if you are a family or regularly travel.



Now we get to one very important question indeed – is the insurance cheaper for a car or a motorcycles? As motorcycles are often seen as the dangerous of the two vehicles, the insurance premiums that come with them will often be slightly higher than those you would have to pay if you had a car.

However, that doesn’t mean that all car insurance is going to be cheap. If you have a sports car or another car that can do top speeds, then you will find that your insurance premiums might be quite high.

As you can see then, there is a lot to consider and weigh up when you are thinking about buying a car or motorcycle. Hopefully, all of the pointers above will make the decision an easier one for you to make in the future.


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