Bring The IMAX Experience Into Your Own Home

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Do you love trips to the cinema? More specifically, do you love it when you get to see a new Hollywood release in an IMAX cinema? These epic cinema screens allow movies to be screened onto screens that are up to ten-times larger than regular 35mm film screens.

So, there’s no wonder why so many film buffs love seeing action and sci-fi movies on these larger screens. Not only that, though, but the IMAX screens are also better suited for 3D films, and they also have a much better sound system compared to regular cinema screens.

Do you wish that you could see all of your favorite movies on these fantastic IMAX screens? Well, if so, you might be happy to know that these days it’s actually fairly easy to replicate the whole IMAX experience in your own home. You may not be able to get such a large screen in your living room, but it’s still a great idea for fans of the movies. Here’s how it’s done.

Upgrade Your TV

First of all, it’s worth considering your TV. If it is quite old, it could be worth upgrading to an audio video system with a larger screen. It’s also possible to buy 3D televisions now, so you might want to go for one of these if you intend on watching 3D movies. Generally speaking, though, the better your TV, then the closer the whole experience will be to that at the IMAX cinema!

Add Plenty Of Speakers

Next, you need to take the time to get your system’s speakers just right. Not only that, though, but you need to decide on how many you are going to add. When you are at the IMAX, the sound quality will be extremely good – and very loud – and you need to try and emulate this in your own home. So, go for a few top-quality speakers so that when you close your eyes, it sounds like you are in the cinema!

Get A 3D Blu-Ray Player

It’s also necessary to decide what you are going to play your movies on. Ideally, a 3D blu-ray player will be best as it will create the best quality on the screen. However, if you already have an Xbox then you don’t need to buy anything as they include a blu-ray player that is widely regarded as one of the best.

Invest In Comfy Seating

IMAX cinemas often have very comfy seats so that you don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable aches throughout the movie. Do you think your current sofa is up to scratch? If not, you might want to invest in some better seats. How about a cool La-Z-Boy recliner? These awesome chairs also come with drinks holders in the arms, so it really will feel like you are in the cinema!

So, creating a great IMAX experience in your own home isn’t quite as difficult as what you might have thought. It will certainly work out cheaper than repeated cinema trips!

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