Breaking Toxic Cycles to Build a Better Future

Toxic cycles tend to creep up on us. It is very rare that someone starts them on purpose, but they are once ingrained in our daily lives they can be hard to get rid of. Many of them are caused by stress or boredom. Becoming addicted to social media, being a compulsive shopper, biting your nails and even drinking too much alcohol can all be to relieve the boredom or stress of your everyday life.

Acknowledge Your Have A Bad Habit

The first thing you have to do is accept that you have a bad habit. Without your acknowledgment of the problem, you will not be able to do anything about it. It does no matter how often other people try to stop you, until you accept the fact, stopping it will be impossible.

A bad habit does not have to be something huge to have an adverse effect on your life. Biting your nails could mean you are always trying to hide your hands and clenching your jaw can give you aches and pains in your teeth and mouth.

Replace It

Once you have admitted to yourself that you have a bad habit the best way to stop is to replace it with something else. This involves knowing what the triggers are so that you can be prepared beforehand. You need to have a plan. For instance, if you smoke every time you take your dog a walk, try some heavy breathing while you walk instead. If Facebook or Twitter keeps calling you to do some posts, turn your digital device off and do something else.

Do Not Be Afraid To Seek Help

There are some bad habits that are not only annoying for other people they are dangerous for your health. Unfortunately, these types of bad habits tend to be addictive ones and you may need help to break them. If you want to stop smoking talk to your physician as most of them have some support for smokers who want to quit. If alcohol is your bad habit consider a sober living facility, and if it is drugs that are the cause for concern you should seek help from the professionals who deal with this problem.

Do Not Give Up

It does not matter how major or minor your bad habit is you should expect to have relapses. This does happen to most people trying to give something up but you should not let it ruin all the effort you have put in so far. Accept it for what it is. If you have a bad day and your habit creeps back in, do not give up and consider yourself a failure.

With all the best intentions in the world, this can easily happen and you just have to put it behind you and carry on with trying to break your bad habit.

Congratulate Yourself

Set yourself a goal and congratulate yourself each time you achieve it. If you have not bitten your nails for a month, treat yourself to some new nail varnish to show your new nails at their best. If you have stopped smoking, use the money you have saved to treat yourself to something special.

You deserve to be congratulated on each achievement, and people will tell you how proud they are for what you have done. The best congratulation is from yourself though, as it is you that really matters.

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