Black Girls Code! Here’s How to Embark on a Career In Software Design

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If you have always been thinking about setting up your own software and app development business and working for yourself, chances are that you will need to do your research and come up with a plan.

There are thousands of graduates leaving colleges and universities every year with the same skills, and many of them will be starting their own venture. Find a way to stand out and offer something unique for your customers.

Market Research

The first step is researching your market. The software development industry is full of innovative companies, and is ruled by a few of the large players. You will have to choose the area you want to work in based on the demand predictions, the popularity of the system, and the competition analysis.

If you find it hard to decide whether you should develop iPhone or Android apps, you will need to survey your target market and find out more about the specific needs of your potential customers.


Of course, you will also need to keep on improving your knowledge and keep up with the changes in the technology. Even if you just graduated from college, a year or two from now you will notice that the trends and program designs are changing.

Check out the Training Connection to find out whether or not you could benefit from additional training and specialty courses that will help you offer more value for your future customers.

Portfolio Development

Once you have your business plan and design in place, you will need to start working on your portfolio. This might be something you have done during your college years, but it might be time to revisit and improve those old projects to make them more relevant to your future business and clients’ needs.

There are several sites you can host your portfolio on, but you will also find a website template that will allow you to implement your sample projects.  

USP Development

You have to decide what your unique selling proposition is going to be and how you will communicate it with your target market.

Find a few areas where you really stand out and provide more value for your market than your competition. Start offering additional services and try to match your USP to the expectations of your customers.

Collaboration Tools

When you start a software development and design business, you will have to take care of the infrastructure, too. Host your content on your hard drive and back it up on the cloud, so you can share demos and screenshots and collaborate with your clients remotely.

You don’t want to spend more time meeting customers and traveling than necessary. Invest in project management tools that will help you manage the different stages of projects.

Starting off in the competitive software design business is not without challenges. You can take the guesswork out of your startup if you research your market, create a plan and a unique selling proposition, and clearly define your ideal market.

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