Bey Country | Places To Visit In Houston

Houston, Texas has an abundance of attractions. While it’s the fourth largest city in the United States, for tourists on the outside looking in, the temptation can be to go to more vibrant cities to get a really colorful experience of America, places like San Francisco for example. But Houston, deep in the heart of Texas can provide that sneak preview of American life, which is amazing for any tourist. But that’s not to say native Americans can’t get their fill of culture! Let’s provide you with some highlights.  

The Houston Space Center

It’s fast approaching the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, making it a perfect time to visit this massive complex. Whether you are a keen stargazer, or you’re just looking to pique your interest, Space Center Houston houses a replica of the space shuttle Independence, and you can even have a look inside Skylab, America’s first space station, in replicated form. You can also find out some more information about traveling to Mars as one of their upcoming missions. You could also head on the NASA Space Center Houston and City Sightseeing tour, which gives you free admission to the Space Center, as well as an open-air bus tour of Houston itself. Whether you’re looking for space, or something a little closer to earth, this tool can give you a collective experience of Houston as a great city.

Head To Galveston

For tourists that know nothing about the heartland of America, the name Galveston probably just reminds them of the famous Glen Campbell song! But it’s only an hour away from Houston, and if you’re looking for the opportunity to relax on one of the beaches, or see what they have to offer, you could either take one of the sightseeing trips, or get in contact with a charter bus company to ferry you out there from Houston. There are many attractions, from the Texas Seaport Museum to the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum. But if you really want to take some time to chill out, go to Moody Gardens, a very family friendly area.

Pick Your Restaurant

As with any major city, the food is in abundance. You wouldn’t consider Houston to be a case for diversity on the surface, but there are so many traditional American dishes, as well as Asian or Latin American specialties. And Mexican food really has to be tasted here, head to Xochi to tickle your taste buds with the cochi istmeno, a pork shank that’s been braised in spicy peppers and roasted pineapple. Yum yum! Or if you want something a little bit more simple, there are plenty of tortillas to savor.

And this is only touching the surface, you’ve got the Museum District, the Houston Zoo, and the Annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo that takes place in February or March each year. If you’re looking to plan a trip to Houston, make it around this time! But if you’re looking for an authentic experience of what America has to offer, but also need something a little bit more diverse, put Houston on your list!

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