Be The Teen Mentor You Would Have Wanted In Your Younger Life

Teenagers need a lot of guidance in their life. You might even remember how much you could have done with when you were a young teen yourself. Sure, it’s an exciting part of life as teenagers still don’t quite have the full responsibility that comes with adulthood.

They’re still able to relax and enjoy themselves rather than focus on some of the more important things in life. However, it’s not all fun and games. In fact, the teenage years are important preparation for adulthood. Do you have some younger relatives or friends who you feel could do with some guidance as teenagers? If so, these tips can help you become a fantastic teen mentor.

Be A Friend First And An Authority Figure Second

It’s important that you continue to be friendly with your teenage mentee. After all, if you come across as too authoritative, they might get the wrong impression and could even start to rebel against you. It certainly won’t do your original relationship any good. So, it’s important to keep things on a friendly level and don’t be too pushy with them or things could go awry.

Follow The Mentee’s Flow

If you want to discuss any important issues or have a big conversation with a teenager, it’s a good idea to follow their flow of conversation. Don’t lead things or else the conversation will end up being on your terms and the teen might not have had a chance to have his or her say. So, sit back and let them give the conversation a direction so that they have a chance to get anything off their chest.

Help Them Overcome Hardships

Teenagers tend to be very rebellious in life and they can quickly end up in some sticky situations. So, you might want to work together with them to figure out any solutions when they end up in a tricky scenario. For instance, you might need to contact a car crash lawyer if they ever get into big trouble while driving. You might also need to work through any school or college problems with them so that they don’t end up wasting their education.

Be A Good Listener

Remember that when you are talking to a teen, your main aim is to be a good listener. Don’t dominate any of your conversations or else the teen might think that you aren’t taking them very seriously or that you don’t really care about what they have to say. So, make sure you give them plenty of time to talk through their thoughts and feelings, so that you understand their point.

Be Realistic With All Goals

It’s always a good idea to help teens set goals and targets for themselves in their lives. These will give them a better chance of achieving all of the success that they are capable of. As long as these goals are challenging yet realistic, they will certainly help teens right through to adulthood.

Hopefully, these tips help you be the best possible teen mentor!

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