Be A Goal-Getter! || 5 Habits To Adopt To Stay Organized in 2020

Organization is KEY when you are looking to get your life all the way together. The most successful people in the world always advise that planning is the one thing that helps them reach their level of success. Many of us have super busy lives and sometimes it can be hard to stay on track. If you adopt these 8 habits I’m about to give you, you can be sure to have a more organized life in 2020!

Say “No” and Don’t Feel Bad About It!

Seriously guys, if you don’t have the full capacity to do something that’s asked of you…just say no! This is keep you from becoming overwhelmed because you’ve said yes to tasks that 1) you don’t have time for because 2) they take you away from your personal goals and agenda. Like the D.A.R.E slogan we learned in elementary school…JUST SAY NO!

Stay Goal-Oriented

Write down your goals at the beginning of the year and map them out. Brainstorm what you have to do to reach those goals and create actionable steps on how you are going to go about achieving them. This will certainly a living document and surely change throughout the year but keeping your goals in the front of your mind will help keep you on track.

Write it down

Like with a pen and pad…don’t just jot down your goals in the notes app on your smartphone. You need to physically WRITE IT DOWN. Writing your thoughts down helps you store and process things a lot better. This is why if you don’t have a planner, you should get one!

Create a Schedule and stick to it

We make time for the things in life that we truly want. No matter how busy you think your life is, there is always a way to schedule in activities such as workouts, work projects, etc if you REALLY wanted it. Try making a set schedule for that one thing you wish you had more time for in 2019 and STICK IT! Repetition is how we create habits 🙂

Plan Ahead

This is something that I am personally big on, especially when it comes to creating content. Planning ahead gives you SO MUCH clarity and it also can save time. For 2020, try setting aside time at the beginning of your to plan your day (or week if you really about that life lol) List your Top 3 tasks that you need to complete for the day and get to it! I promise that if you start planning your days ahead of time, you will find that you will start to have more time for the things and people in your life that matter most to you 🙂

I hope these tips were useful! No matter what your New Years Resolutions may be, having an organized life can help you see the wins that you deserve!

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