Bad Habits to Kick Before the New Year

The year is slowly drawing to a close, but it’s not time to write it off quite yet. The last two months of the year can be just as productive and progressive as the first two months of the year, so try to maintain the same optimistic mindset that many of us have when we turn open our calendars on the first day of January and start making New Year’s Resolutions.

If you made resolutions earlier in the year but didn’t stick to them, now is the perfect time to revive them and end the year feeling as though you have actually achieved them! If you have already completed your outstanding resolutions and were merely waiting until the upcoming January to make some new ones, why not get started now instead? There’s no reason besides tradition to put them off, and you could always come up with something new to improve yourself even further in a month or so’s time. A good place to start is kicking bad habits to the curb. Here are just a couple that you might want to consider!

Quitting Drinking

Many of us still underestimate the ill effects that drinking alcohol can have on our bodies. Because alcohol is a legal substance and can easily be purchased by anyone over the age of eighteen, and because it’s so easily accessible in public places, many people wrongly assume that they can indulge as much as they want. However, it is recommended that you do not exceed fourteen units of alcohol per week.

If you do, you can face seriously negative health consequences, such as liver disease, heart disease, or even cancer. Alcohol can also prove to be an addictive substance. If you feel that you need to drink and get irritable if you can’t get one, you might want to seek out professional help to quit drinking. There are plenty of resources online and you should speak to your doctor on the subject for support and guidance.

Quitting Smoking

While some people are unsure of the serious health consequences of drinking, pretty much all of us are aware of the health concerns that come hand in hand with smoking. They are well advertised and you cannot purchase cigarettes or tobacco without huge warnings printed on the packaging. Smoking is linked to cancer, respiratory problems, coronary heart disease, and even impotence.

Of course, quitting is easier said than done. Tobacco contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. So kicking this habit will take dedication, determination, and some serious willpower. You should consult your doctor when beginning your journey of quitting and they may recommend various nicotine replacement products, such as patches, gums, or even vapes.

If you engage with either of these two different bad habits, then you should seriously consider kicking them before the new year begins. There’s no point in waiting around for New Year’s Resolutions. The effects that they have on your body should spur you on to stop as soon as possible!

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