Are You Neglecting Your Neck And Back?

A healthy lifestyle is a multifaceted beast. Many assume that just eating right and getting plenty of exercise are the only components of a long and healthy life as well as a slim and athletic physique whatever your age. But while these are certainly important facets of our overall health, there’s really much more to it. Even those who profess to be healthy can engage in bad habits.

Over training, depriving your body of sleep, assuming that supplements are an alternative to a healthy diet rather than… supplemental to it, and neglecting their bone and joint health are all vices that even the most conscientious of us can find ourselves guilty of.

Here we’ll focus on the neck and back and some of the little things that we can do to ensure that these vital pillars of our mobility that are essential for work, play and exercise stay in peak condition…

Create opportunities to sit less

Even the most health conscious among us can be unaware of the merry Hell that sitting can play with our health. Believe it or not, sitting is (anthropologically speaking) a relatively new configuration for our bodies and it’s not one that we have properly evolved to spend long periods of time in.

Thus, as most of us spend 8-10 hours sitting at work every day before coming home to collapse into the sofa for a few more hours of sitting. Over time this can warp our spines in ways that can seriously damage our health. It can lead to digestion problems and even increase your risk of heart disease by over 60%.

Moreover, if we spend our entire working day peering forward at a computer screen it can further damage our posture. Create opportunities to get up and move around at work and spend your free time more actively and you’ll go a long way to mitigating this risk.

Don’t go to sleep on a back injury

As hard as we may try to stay healthy, life often throws a curve ball our way. How we react to that curve ball can have huge and far reaching consequences for our health and fitness.

If you are injured at work, at the gym or on the road in a way that causes damage to your neck and / or back, for example, this can be exacerbated if you go to sleep on your injury. The more time you spend in bed, the more likely you are to experience stiffness and pain. Get medical diagnosis and treatment as soon as you’re able so that you don’t exacerbate your injuries.

While you’re at it, if your injury wasn’t your fault visit to seek legal representation. It’s only right, after all, that you pursue justice.

Strength train for better posture

While lean limbs and shredded abs are outcomes we all hope for when we work out at the gym, be sure to focus your exercise on more than just the cosmetic. Strength training can be invaluable in improving your posture.

Since bad posture has been ranged to a huge range of health issues from neck pain to diabetes it’s a good idea to incorporate some exercises to aid your posture into your strength training regimen.

Be kind to your neck and back and you’ll enjoy years and years of great mobility and health.

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