A Guide To Improving Your Makeup Application Skills

It is fair to say that, for many women, wearing makeup can be rather challenging.

No matter how much you love the look of the products in their tubes and palettes, there is the eternal problem that everyone has to overcome: application.

Applying makeup should be simple. Adverts make it look simple, and we’ve all seen videos of beauty bloggers gliding a cat’s eye onto their eyelids as if it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Yet despite this, for the vast majority of women, makeup application is often more miss than hit, and those gorgeous products you admire just don’t look right when applied to your face.

If the above sounds familiar, then it may be worth reading on. Below are a few simple, straightforward tips that can help elevate your makeup application and – hopefully – bring you a step closer to the flawless finish we all hope to achieve…

Establish your base

When discussing makeup, the term “base” is often used to describe foundation, concealer, and other similar products. While there’s no denying these are important, your base’s base is actually the most important of all – i.e. your bare face and skin.

A good regime of both regular and advanced skin care can make a huge difference to how base products like foundation and concealer actually look when applied, so try to create a continuous skincare regime that works for you.

You may also find it beneficial to exfoliate and moisturize right before you apply makeup, so you have the smoothest possible canvas to work with.

Opt for specialist tools rather than applying makeup with your fingers

Many of us grow up applying makeup with our fingers and, at times, it can be possible to achieve decent results applying in such a way.

However, dedicated tools such as brushes and Beauty Blenders will almost always deliver preferable results due to how they distribute the product evenly and smoothly across your skin.

Use dedicated primers

When primers were first introduced, they were for foundation and concealer, but now there are primers for seemingly every area of the face where you wear makeup. The reason for this sudden influx of primer options? Simple: they work.

Primers play a dual role of making application easier and ensuring that your makeup stays in place throughout the day, so you may want to consider investing in dedicated face, lip, and eyelid primers – you’ll be amazed at the difference they make.

Know when to walk away

Even with the best will in the world, there may still have days when your makeup just doesn’t look as you’d hope it would. We all have days where nothing quite looks right and we make mistakes that we’d long since thought eradicated.

If you’re having one of these off days, then just opt for a simple combination of a BB, CC, or DD cream and mascara for a gorgeous, fresh-faced look that can be applied quickly and effectively.

In conclusion

Hopefully, the tips above should help you to boost your makeup application and give you the confidence to try new products and techniques – enjoy!

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