9 Trips Every Woman Should Take in Her Lifetime

Regardless of where they are to, there are some types of trips every woman should do sometime in her life. Everyone needs a break from the daily routine of work, whether that work is in a job or as a housewife and mother. Some trips can be really beneficial to mental health too, and with the busy and stressful lives, most people lead that is just an added bonus.

Just for a few days, a couple of weeks or longer if you can, put the daily drudge to one side and do something totally different.

A Trip For A Dream

If you have a love of a particular thing you should take a trip to enjoy it at its fullest.  If flowers are your love, for instance, plan a holiday in Holland, or if you want to eat authentic Pizza, it has to be in Italy.  It could be that you want to go on a world cruise, sunbathe in the Caribbean or stroll through some of the many wonderful towns of Southeast Asia. Australia, the USA, Canada, Switzerland and loads of other places are there just waiting for you to visit.

A trip of a lifetime can be expensive, and for many women, they only happen once. That’s why so often in the UK (where I grew up…s/o to my England fam!) they look at £5,000 loans, to make that dream a reality for that one time at least. Some things you simply have to do for yourself!

Pure Relaxation

It does not matter if your idea of relaxing is sitting on a beach somewhere, hiding away in a log cabin in some mountains or being in a large city that you can wander around at your own pace. As long as you are not doing the cooking and cleaning, and not being rushed about from one place to another, you will have a relaxing time that will revitalize your body and mind.

Most people do not get much time for pure relaxation, so a break of this sort is the perfect opportunity for you to be resting and doing whatever you wish.

A Trip On Your Own

This does not have to be a long holiday; a few days will be enough for most women. Being on your own, particularly in a strange place, can boost your confidence and allow you to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

For those few days you will have no one else to consider but you, and for many women that is a totally new experience. The only tip here is that you should pick somewhere that is safe for a woman to be on her own and not one of the countries where women are not valued.

Return To Your Roots

Do a little delving and find out where your family originate. There has been so much movement in the world over the last couple of centuries that the possibilities are enormous. When you have gone back as far as you can, visit the places that are part of your family’s history.

Research has shown that knowing more about our family history makes us more self-assured, and this is especially the case for children. Learn all you can, and pass the information on, so that your roots are not forgotten.

Train Journey

Many people relate to train trips when they were children, and never think about them these days unless it is for commuting. However, there are some wonderful trips around the world. You can spend days travelling across Australia or America on very comfortable trains, and the views and sights you will see you will never forget.

In fact, you will live in the lap of luxury and be waited on hand and foot for your train journey through some of these places.

A Trip With The Girls

A fun trip with your girlfriends can be a great help for your health and happiness. There are lots of places that cater for holidays for females, and you and your friends can have great fun.

A group of women together does not sound too good for some holiday places because of a reputation built up over years. But these do tend to be seaside resorts, and if you avoid then you will be welcomed with open arms.


We all know that exercise is good for us, so why not have an activity break. This can be to whatever level of exercise you feel comfortable b=with. It could be a walking holiday, skiing or may rock climbing.

If you like sailing, diving, snorkeling or surfing they are great activities too. The list for you to choose from is endless, and if you are brave enough to try one you have never done before, there are usually instructors on hand to show you the way.

Road Trips

If you are properly prepared, a road trip is a great way to see places that you would normally miss. Most smartphones have navigation on them these days, so it is much easier to plan each day’s ride ahead, However, always have a paper map with you as a backup, in case you get lost somewhere there is no phone reception.

Have a plan of the places you want to see, but the beauty of a road trip is that you do it at your own pace. If you decide you want to stay somewhere longer or miss a place out, you have that choice when you have not got to worry about missing a plane or a ferry.


Everyone has a skill of some sort, and you can put yours to good use by volunteering. There are many organisations that need people to help them, and a few days of assisting other people sometimes puts your life into perspective. There are places all over the world crying out for volunteers, and usually, all you have to do is pay for your own flights to get there.

We all go about our daily lives without much thought of some of the things we should do while we are able to, but just these few suggestions will create memories that you will never forget.


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