8 Ways To Help Your Child Stay Healthy

Healthy children grow up into healthy adults, and teaching your kids healthy habits from a young age will help them grow and learn good habits they’ll use for life. But how can you keep your kids be as healthy as can be?

  1. Find a good Pediatric Doctor. A good Doctor that you trust and that your children like is essential. Kids have to visit the Doctor often, from childhood vaccinations to dealing with common childhood illnesses like Chickenpox. Whether it’s an ear infection or their measles jab, it’s important that kids learn that the Doctor isn’t a scary place to go. This will help them trust their Doctor in later life. 
  2. Make sure they’re getting enough sleep. Children need plenty of sleep to help them grow, and they’ll need to be well rested in order to concentrate at school. Set a bedtime and stick to it.A bedtime routine, like a relaxing bath and a bedtime story could help kids settle better at bedtime and go to sleep on time. 
  3. Encourage healthy eating. Aim to have around 80% of the food your kids eat be healthy, and allow 20% treats so they don’t feel like they’re missing out. Offer them vegetables and fruit in an array of colors and allow them to be part of choosing which to try and how to serve them. Get older children involved in the cooking to encourage them to try more. 
  4. Teach them why healthy food matters. Learn as a family about which foods are good for what. If kids understand that the right food will give them fuel to play outside, grow taller or make their hair shiny, they might be more willing to try new things and eat well. 
  5. Associate exercise with fun. Children shouldn’t worry about weight, but exercise is important for overall health. Find fun ways for them to stay active so they learn to think of exercise as enjoyable. Encourage them to play sports, and do activities like walking or cycling as a family. Try sending them to a class like ballet or karate. 
  6. Help them stay hydrated. Hydration is important, and teaching kids how to recognize if they need more water will help them stay healthy. Lead by example and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and not just things like coffee. Teach kids to judge hydration by the shade of their urine. They should be aiming for pale straw. 
  7. Get fresh air. Open the windows at home when the weather is warm enough, and fill the house with indoor plants to keep the air clean. At the weekends, escape the town and visit the countryside. This is great for activities and for getting some clean air in your lungs. 
  8. Minimize the amount of sugar they eat. Kids can have a real sweet tooth, but processed sugars are bad for the health in more ways than just rotting their teeth. Sugar can even impact their immune system. Instead, encourage them to enjoy snacks that are naturally sweet. 

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