7 Ways To Work On Your Mental Health

Mental health used to be a bad thing. It used to be something that was shameful. If something was affecting your mental health, then you were crazy. You weren’t understood. You were a misfit. But now, thankfully, we’re all starting to accept that mental health isn’t black and white. It’s not normal or troubled. It’s a blend of healthy or balanced or needing to work on things. And we all fall into one of those categories. Yet, we don’t stay there. Because one day, you could have healthy mental health levels. And then the next minute, you might find that you’re having a tough time. And that’s okay. Because life can be hard and hurdles are thrown at you and it is hard to try and stay afloat. But you can, and you will.

Whether you’re someone that struggles with healthy mental health levels of not, working on your mind is so important. Because to be healthy overall, you need to embrace a health mind and a positive attitude. Your emotions need to be balanced and you need to feel fulfilled. And it’s okay to not be there just yet, but it’s not okay to accept that and suffer in silence. Because we all deserve to be happy and enjoy a healthy mindset. So let’s take a look at the ways you can work on your own mental health.

Monitor Your Thoughts

One of the best way to start this off is to become more aware of your thoughts. Listen to them. See where they take you. Don’t act on them or REACT to them, just listen. And try to identify what’s going on in there. Because when you see what’s going on naturally in your mind, you can start to actively change them.

Still Your Mind

Then, you need to control it. Stop those thoughts from sending you crazy. Still them. Try out mindfulness and meditation. Shut out the thoughts that are controlling you. Switch out negativity for positivity. Just be more conscious of your mind and master it. The more you work on this, the easier you will find it to master your thoughts.

Practice Positivity

Now, something that is going to change the way your mind behaves, is positivity. And this isn’t a fluffy, feel-good approach to this. Positivity can change your life. It really can. Embrace happiness. Choose to see the good in life. Think about what you’re most grateful for every single day and hold onto that. Because the more you can choose positivity, the happier your mindset will become.

Talk To Someone

Now, if you know that there are things going on that you just cannot get a hold of, that you cannot get over, then you need to talk to someone. This might be about something that happened in your past or specifically about anorexia recovery or about anxiety. No matter what it is, look for the most suitable professional that can help you and book an appointment, or just open up to someone because talking helps.

Stop Comparing Yourself

One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for failure is to compare yourself to others. Your body. Your success. Your career. Your life to their Instagram feed. And we all do it. And when we do, we let our minds go crazy. And we’re kind of telling ourselves that we’re just not good enough. So just stop. Unfollow anyone that makes you feel bad. Forget them and look in the mirror. Look at you. See yourself for who you are and love yourself. Work on yourself. Because you are all you have. So start to treat yourself better.

Take Time Out

The next thing that you can do to really help yourself out here, is just to relax a little. Let the pressure off. Switch off after work and put your devices away for a couple of hours. Just let yourself be. Take a bath. Read. Listen to music. Do yoga. Do something to let your mind unwind. This little switch off time allows you to regroup and re-energize. It’s incredible powerful!

Focus On You

And one of the biggest things that will help you here, is to make sure that you are putting yourself first. That you’re focusing on what you want and what makes you happy. That you’re spending your time in the most valuable and rewarding ways. That you’re emotionally fulfilled and healthy. And to do that, you need to cut the noise. Stop letting other people’s opinions in. Stop living for other people. And instead, focus on yourself and what you want. When you do, you’ll start to feel a shift in your happiness.

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