7 Ways To Improve Your Smile

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Many of us are embarrassed by our smile. It could be the appearance of our teeth that we are embarrassed by or it could simply be the way we smile. In most cases, most people won’t be judging your smile – so long as its genuine, a smile will make the people around you happy and that’s what really matters.

That said, if you really aren’t happy with your teeth and you feel that it’s stopping you from expressing your happiness, here are 7 ways in which you may be able to improve your smile and build the confidence to keep beaming.    

Change your toothbrush

We should all be changing our toothbrush once every four months. After this period, the bristles are likely to be damaged and ineffective at cleaning our enamel. More expensive toothbrushes may last longer, although there’s no guarantee of this.

There are also specialist tooth brushing devices out there including dental polishers for more heavy-duty cleaning. These could help you to achieve a whiter smile if you feel a regular toothbrush isn’t doing the job.

Change your toothpaste

You can also make your teeth whiter by buying specific whitening toothpaste. Activated charcoal toothpaste is the biggest new trend in toothpaste – this uses charcoal mixed with fluoride and other chemicals to pick up plaque more effectively.

It’s possible to also supplement regular tooth brushing by also using a DIY whitening toothpaste once a week – baking soda and water is a common combination that will help to get rid of plaque, but it should be used sparingly as to not also damage the enamel.

Break the bad habits

There are many bad habits that can have a negative impact on the health and appearance of your teeth. Smoking can stain the teeth and make them appear more yellow, whilst drinking lots of red wine or coffee can also stain the teeth. As for soft drinks and sugary snacks, we all know the effect that these have on our teeth.

Try to break these bad habits in order to protect your teeth – limiting your consumption of sugary drinks, coffee and alcohol could be all that’s needed. Ideally, you should quit smoking, as this can have a more serious effect on your entire oral health.

Chew gum

Chewing gum between meals is a great way of keeping your teeth clean throughout the day. Gum can pick up plaque and help to produce saliva that will help fight bacteria. Chewing gum should obviously be sugarless if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Don’t be roped into buying whitening chewing gum as this generally isn’t any more effective than regular gum.

Consider professional treatment

There may be times when you require professional treatment to truly make an impact to your teeth. You should talk to your dentist about the options they recommend – some clinics are able to offer cosmetic procedures such as veneers or bleaching. If your teeth are wonky or misaligned, you could also consider getting braces fitted by an orthodontist. Invisalign braces are the latest technology that can allow you to have braces that are practically invisible.

Use the right lipstick

There are ways to make your teeth appear whiter without having to touch your teeth. Certain colors of lipstick can help to bring out the whiteness in your teeth rather than highlighting the yellowness.

Lipsticks with blue hues in them are most effective at making your teeth appear whiter – these include raspberry red shades and blue-ish pinks. Try to avoid lipsticks with a lot of orange in as these will highlight any yellowness in your teeth.

Think happy thoughts

Not liking your smile may have nothing to do with your teeth – it could simply be that you feel your smile is awkward or you are embarrassed by the way you form the expression. Quite often this is a self-confidence issue more than anything else.

So long as a smile is genuine, the people around you will love it. You can often tell if a smile is genuine by looking at the eyes – if you’re having trouble pulling winning selfie smiles, it could be because you’re not putting genuine happiness into these smiles.

Try thinking happy thoughts as you smile – think of the happiest thing that you can at that moment – and your smile will look a lot more natural and photogenic. If you’re in a happy situation you should already be thinking these thoughts and smiling should come naturally.


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